Login to JIRA and Wiki not working

(Cintia Del Rio) #1

Yeah, that’s it.

I will let you know if I have updates.

Failure to login
(Cintia Del Rio) #2

It might be working now.

The users will take some time to not show up as ‘Inactive’.

(Alex Mochu) #3

@cintiadr I have been trying to login into my JIRA account this afternoon but it seems I cannot be able to get access. Whenever I input in my credential and press login the following alert keeps on popping up “Sorry, your userid is required to answer a CAPTCHA question correctly”, despite what is entered it will not allow me any further.

I’m unsure what to do next as everything seems to set up correctly from my end.

Please help!

(Alex Mochu) #4

It is now working. I can now be able login back to my account. Thanks

(Cintia Del Rio) #5

Yeah… I created the topic to notify the community that login to wiki and issue tracker wasn’t working.

No one was able to login.

Not sure what you understood.

(Gabriel Micah) #6

Hi @cintiadr I still can’t logging to my account…

(Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam) #7

Hi @cintiadr

I also couldn’t login to the JIRA. I have entered the correct credentials and Captcha, but got

Sorry, your userid is required to answer a CAPTCHA question correctly.

Any issues?

(Cintia Del Rio) #8

For some reason, both of you had a really high failed captcha count, as if there’s a dashboard or automated process with your credentials.

I did reset the captcha counters for the both of you.

(Gabriel Micah) #9

@cintiadr I’m sorry but some weird reason I still can’t login into JIRA

(Cintia Del Rio) #10

Do you have any idea if you tried 30 times?

If not, do you know anything that could be automatic process attempting to login using your username?

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #11

Hi @cintiadr

I also counldn’t login to the JIRA as usal. Thanks

(Cintia Del Rio) #12

Your captcha was high too.

I don’t know why.

Can you try again?

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #13

No still I can’t login to the JIRA as usal. I have just tried to answer with correct CAPTCHA for only three times now.

(Cintia Del Rio) #14

Current failed logins: 37

I don’t understand what’s happening.

(Reuben Varghese) #15

I’m able to login without any issues. @suthagar23 , is it that previous issue resurfacing by any chance, wherein only Sri Lankans weren’t able to access the OpenMRS websites because they were blocked or something( I’ll try posting the link if I can find it)? Or maybe , since I haven’t had to solve a captcha, I was able to login?

Edit: This is the link to the previous discussion

(Cintia Del Rio) #16

I don’t think so? That’s a different datacenter, and also you wouldn’t even be able to reach the login page.

(Reuben Varghese) #17

Makes sense. However, I am not presented with CAPTCHA when I try to log in ( one possible way to temporarily allow logins while a fix is being worked out would be to disable it for a while)

(Gabriel Micah) #18

@cintiadr I have no idea, I didn’t even try it more than 5 times. I also don’t have anything that could automate the login process.

(Cintia Del Rio) #19

The captcha only shows up after a certain amount of failed logins. So the fact that he has captcha is most likely to be a symptom than a cause.

@topseysuave, raise a ticket in helpdesk at openmrs.org and explain you cannot login, add all context there, link this topic.

I’m off to work now, later I will reset your password and attempt to login as you, if you don’t mind.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #20

I am able to login now @cintiadr. I don’t know what happen before. Thanks @cintiadr and @reubenv