Login denial into jira issues

This sounds wired after entering login credentials and the system denies access into Jira board. Attempting to reset password does not resolve the concern and I think probably the issue could be internal within the system failing to map user credentials.

Wondering whether any one has ever encountered this case and what could be the remedy to the issue?

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher @cintiadr @burke @mozzy

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Looking around for similar topic on the epic landed on these two posts 1 and 2 though they seem not to get me out of the exception.

Sorry about this , could you try again with this System Dashboard - OpenMRS Issues

I want to think System Dashboard OpenMRS Issues does a similar use case as one may login via Log in - OpenMRS Issues

I think if it persists you might need to request a new password to the help desk.

Did you take a look at the caption a bove?

Jira is down , :slightly_smiling_face: i think the infra team will resolve that asap , sorry about that


Some infrastructure services are down


@sharif any solution about this yet because am also having the same challenge

The https://status.openmrs.org/ is still down

@cintiadr @ibacher noticed this ? id , Jira and wiki are down !

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Good catch @kdaud!! I’ve also mentioned this on the #infra channel

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Any updates on this epic ?

Login to Jira and Confluence are broken, very very broken. I cannot start that server anymore, and I will have to recover from backups.

I attempted to resuscitate it this morning before work, but ran out of time. I will be working on from now.


Thanks for the updates @cintiadr ! Hoping the Jira and Confluence to be back any time!

@cintiadr as well our demo server is down since yesterday morning. I attempted to reset it via Reset Button several times but does not yield desired result!

Jira login is back now thanks @cintiadr , Not sure why our bamboo is failing as well, A number of tests are also failing due to server issues

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Login to jira and confluence is working again.



@kdaud is looking into this! cc: @ibacher


RefApp 2.x Frontend Tests are now passing!