Failure to login

hi , am currently unable to login into the system Dashbord with my openmrs ID. i get this error “Sorry, an error occurred trying to log you in - please try again”. yet i can login into the “ID” with no error. some help

@dkayiwa @burke

Can you raise a ticket to helpdesk at instead?

I also have absolutely no idea what you mean by ‘System Dashboard’.

Do you mean our issue tracker? On that case, did you ask to have access?


i meant issues tracker :grinning:. am already in the middle of doing a key ticket…

now i cant login , yet yesterday i had no problems

i tried to ask for a pasword reset and this is wat i got in reply vial email

A request has been received to reset your password.


This user account is managed in an external User Directory and JIRA is not able to update your password.

Please contact your System Administrator if you have any further queries.

Here are the details of your account:
            Username: mozzy
               Email: mutesamozzy■■■■■■■■■■
           Full Name: Moses Mutesasira

yet i can perfectl log in here with my id and password with no probs @cintiadr

thx @cintiadr , after two days , i can now log in again

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