January 2024 OpenMRS Academy Planning & Logistics

Hey everyone!

Kicking off this thread so we have a place to check in on various communication & logistics tasks for January’s OpenMRS Fundamental Academy & O3 JumpStart!

Here is our shared Planning Checklist - and a huge thank you to @wodpachua and @suubi7 for volunteering to help with several tasks already!

I also set up a Canva folder for all of our Academy-related social media materials.

@wodpachua @suubi7 On Tuesday, we discussed sending out a flyer/announcement by Thursday that simply shares that we have two OpenMRS Academies (Fundamental & O3 JumpStart!) coming in January and a form that people can use to sign up for more information. Feel free to use this as a kickstarter and let me know how I can help.


I’d like to set up the Coming Soon announcement to go out later today. Here is an “OpenMRS Academy Interest Form” where people can sign up for more information as soon as we have finalized dates. @wodpachua As you work on the registration form, feel free to borrow from this as you like.

@suubi7 wondering if the flyer/announcement I’m seeing in Canva is your doing? Is this almost ready go to?


Thank you @jennifer

Yes, that’s @suubi7 , awesome designs already.

Love how the designs are coming along! :star_struck: @suubi7 @wodpachua If you are looking for OpenMRS logos, colors, and information about OpenMRS branding, check out this page on our Wiki.

Working on getting our website ready…


Thanks @suubi7 @jonathan @wodpachua! I posted the announcement to Twitter & LinkedIn. Let’s see what kind of sign ups we get in the next couple of days.

Can one of you post an announcement to Talk?


The page looks great already! @jennifer The links to the Interest forms seemed to restrict access only to people within OpenMRS. Just toggled it to allow all to fill in the form.


Hellos, I am interested in what you are organizing here though I am wondering where I can get to read more about the Fundamentals and O3 jump-start programs

If its about preference, which program would best suit a beginner such as myself.


Hello @bukenya52 You are most welcome For the read please checkout om.rs/academy


Great thanks @suubi7

I’ve added you as editors/collaborators.

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Hello all, below are the Sample Registration Forms so far. Any ideas on any more information we might want to collect from people registering ?

  1. OpenMRS 3 Fundamentals
  2. OpenMRS 3 Jumpstart!
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Thanks for kicking these registration forms off and asking such a great question!

Great to include the question about their role in each registration form. Maybe we can add a question like: “What is one question that you hope this course will answer?” “What do you expect to gain from this course?” or something along those lines. Essentially, finding a way to understand their expectations so that we can make sure that they are registering for the right Academy event.

For O3 Jumpstart!, I saw that you included a question to see if they have gone through the pre-requisites. Love how you are thinking about this! I wonder if there is a way for us to ask that question or get that information that does not require them to go to the pre-requisite page and look at what is there. I think @grace might have some ideas around this.

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Yes!! Thank you for the suggestions @jennifer

Checkout the updates, views & Ideas still welcome.


We can looki nto these email drafts for new interests and this for users

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you can also check out the invitation letters draft fundamentals and o3 Jumpstart

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Thanks @edison! These are all great starts - and I’ve been making comments, playing around with them as they make me think about who will receive these, what specific information they will need in the invitation letter, and how the email can point people to more information on the website or in the invitation letter.

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@wodpachua Registration forms are looking good! :clap:

@grace shared this O3 skills assessment form with me a while ago. What do you think about having those who register for O3 Jumpstart! take the assessment ahead of time?


I love this idea.


Hey Team … Today’s stand up call joined by @jennifer and @jonathan concluded with

A Question : Where should we re-direct a panticipant who has Registered for the OpenMRS fundamentals

  1. Should we send them an email for the Zoom link

  2. Should we provide a new page with the details about how to join the actual course.

What do you think …all your thoughts a welcome cc @suubi7 @wodpachua @edison and all the team


Hello @jennifer and @jonathan couldn’t make it today but great work and great questions. I think we can send emails to registrants having instructions on how to join and Zoom Link. The email however should include an add to calendar link for registrant to add the class schedule to their calendar and also a summary of the schedule.