January 2024 OpenMRS Academy Planning & Logistics

@suubi7 You’re right: making sure that registered participants have this on their calendars is going to be essential.

@wodpachua I think we can include an automatic email message to people who use the Google form to register. That might be one way to share a link to a calendar invite and/or to the zoom room.

Also, have you created an event for the Fundamentals Academy on the OpenMRS calendar yet? Once we have that, we can also directly add those who have registered to the calendar invite. That way, we can make sure that it’s on their calendar. :slight_smile:


@jennifer Skills Assessment Forms look great! Thank you @grace :tada:

I think this is a great Idea… Let me see how to add them to the forms.

I have submitted a request for permission to publish an event there.


Sure, I think this would be great… Thanks @suubi7 :tada:


Hello Came up with another banner design here


Awesome, thanks @suubi7

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Close to 140 people registered for our OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy. Huge shout out to @wodpachua for sending follow up emails to each person who registered for the Fundamentals Academy - and those who expressed interest in O3 Jumpstart!

@wodpachua is working on another follow up email to go out in the new year with information on a) what to bring on day one, and b) details about joining via Zoom.

Draft schedules for both the Fundamentals Academy & O3 Jumpstart are being finetuned. @grace and I reviewed both the schedules & the content maps. Of note, there are a couple of gaps in Fundamentals: sessions on OpenMRS & UX Design, Product Documentation as well as an introductory session on OpenMRS & Reporting. We’ve added them to both the map & the schedule. Thanks @grace for spotting those gaps, brainstorming what they should cover, & suggesting facilitators! @suubi7, please take a look at the schedules for the latest info on facilitators.

We have our final working session on Wednesday, 20 December at 4pm EAT | 1pm UTC | 5am PT. After that our next meeting will be January 8.


Happy Thursday, everyone!

Checking in on a few things before the holiday slow down.

@suubi7, facilitator liaison extraordinaire! Thank you for following up and confirming our facilitators! @grace and I have also been following up, sharing existing materials and offering guidance as needed. Two questions for you: One, have you also sent each facilitator a meeting invitation for their session time (plus 15 minutes before and after to allow for pacing)? And two, what do you think about scheduling a final prep session on Monday the 8th for facilitators who have questions or want to do a “dry run?”

@wodpachua participant liaison extraordinaire! Thank you for continuing to provide new registrants with that initial information & guidance about the Fundamentals Academy, O3 Jumpstart!, and GSoC. Quick question: are you also adding them to the meeting invitation from the OpenMRS calendar?

If anyone wants to hop on Zoom and check in or work through anything, I’m available for the next two hours.


Hi @jennifer With the link not yet shared with the facilitators but shared with them when and what time their sessions are scheduled. Though I need to share a signup link for them as well. @jennifer @wodpachua I dont seem to have the meeting invitation link on my email.

I 100% support the prep session on the Monday the 8th.


Bravo to @suubi7 @wodpachua @ball @grace @akanter Zainabe and everyone for making our first online OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy a success! What a fantastic team!

If you would like to share feedback, please use our Jamboard.

About certificates & evaluations, @suubi7 @grace @edison I downloaded & sorted the participant information available from Zoom and you should have received a link to the Google sheet. The certificate designs are in our Academy Canva folder. It looks like we had about 50 out of 200 people attend 80% of the time - and we had 30-40 people routinely participating in our Menti-meter activities. If people weren’t able to attend 80% and would like a certificate, I think we could encourage them to go to our Fundamentals Academy website to access & watch what they missed & take the Knowledge Check if they would like a certificate. What do you think?

For O3 Jumpstart! I’ve shared the Start of Day slides with Menti-meter links with @suubi7 @grace @wodpachua @erica - link should be in your inbox. I also set up daily facilitation team check ins for 20 minutes before the start of day, similar to what we had for Fundamentals Academy.


Thanks @jennifer


Thanks @jennifer well recieved