Issues with cloning OpenMRS core tag 2.3.0

Can you try upgrade Chrome?

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@dkayiwa Hey man thanks a lot for your help. No issue didn’t resolve with chrome.

Does it still have in Incognito mode?

@dkayiwa No it’s not in Incognito mode. Hey one more thing, how would I go about replicating complete workflow in Openmrs.

  1. Getting patient registered.
  2. Nurse recording vital inputs.
  3. Doctor examining and prescribing medicines.
  4. Pharmacist providing medicines.

Sorry, i did mean to say that Does it still happen in Incognito mode?

Did you get a chance to look at this?

Thanks. Okay. No it’s not there in Incognito mode.

Hey this is reference application. I have set it up by building code for core module along with few other modules (legacy ui, registration core etc).

I am not able to see app view in that. It’s just showing me options as

  1. Find/Create Patient
  2. Dictionary
  3. Administration

That’s it. How do I get that richer look.

The richer look requires these reference application addons

Copied all the modules, I am still getting same UI.

On top of that, there’s an error with appointmentscheduling api

It will be easier for you to just use the SDK and setup a distribution like the referenceapplication 2.9.0

Yup on to that only :). But what if I want to add new features etc…

No worries. We shall get there when you have a running instance. :cowboy_hat_face:

@dkayiwa @sharif

Hey done with the running instance of reference application. However, there’s an issue there

On clicking Daily Appointments it produces an alert

The operation cannot be completed, because you are no longer logged in. Do you want to go to login page?

And then login page is just Not found.

How did you found the daily appointments without referenceapplication, you have to first login, you will either refresh your page or. share the screen shot of where that error message resides

The error is same as mentioned in Appointment Scheduling Ui Error message "The operation cannot be completed because you're no longer logged in."

However it’s only on clicking Daily appointments

Also could you please help me with Reference application - Changing status of appointment

Are you able to reproduce it here?

@dkayiwa Actually No. Could you please help me with Reference application - Changing status of appointment

Do I need to add modules to it. I have got reference application running.

Then you can go with the reference application version 2.10.0

Would I get all the features described in Reference application - Changing status of appointment. Or should I got with Bahmni.

In that case go with bahmni.