Introducing @themoonraker13 to OpenMRS community

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Hello everyone. I’m Parth Kachchhi @themoonraker13 from Gujarat, India. I completed my B.E. in Computer Science recently and have joined a U.S. based firm as a System/Application developer.

I’m really excited about OpenMRS and have been working on the same since few weeks.

My primary objective is to develop a multi-tenant healthcare solution from/above OpenMRS.

Hoping learn a lot from OpenMRS community and see if I can contribute to the good cause.

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Hey @themoonraker13 Welcome to OpenMRS. We are excited to have you here :slight_smile: I am the Platform 2.0 Release Manager and currently we are in middle of a sprint to release Platform 2.0 alpha. It would be awesome if you could join us. You can start by picking up a ticket from the sprint board. Read more here (includes 4 tickets that are not in the sprint board)

Let me know if you need help with anything :slight_smile:

I would be extremely happy to contribute to your efforts in some way.