Developers: Join our Platform 2.0 Alpha Sprint!

Finally after a lot of effort by our hardworking developer community, we are in the final stretch of getting Platform 2.0 alpha out before the end of this month.

We need to muster up all our development efforts and go all hands on deck on the issues specified in the following filter :

Here is the scrum board :

p.s The following issues are currently missing from the scrum board. Feel free to claim them and work on them too (as they are pretty important as well) while we work on getting them displayed on the sprint board

Thanks for all the contributions thus far. Looking forward to an awesome sprint :slight_smile:

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Hi Dev’s

Before we can proceed with testing of features like ‘removal of Deprecated Methods’, ‘LegavyUI Migration’ and ‘Allergy API migration’, it is important to get some modules from RefApp 2.3 up and running against Platform 2.0. Please refer to the following ticket

The modules are listed in a priority order (top of the list is the highest priority). It would be awesome if you could help in getting these modules up on Platform 2.0 asap. Please contact @dkayiwa for more information on this.