[Important] GCI 2016 starts TODAY!!!

Hi all mentors!

A quick message to let you all know that GCI is about to start in about an hours time. Some of you’re returning members for GCI, others are not. But lets work together to share ideas and make this a success!!!

If you’re a mentor, you should have access to the OpenMRS project on codein.withgoogle.com by now. If not, please contact me ASAP!!! Please give your telegram username to @surangak or @cshah and we will add you to the mentor channel. Please introduce yourself briefly on: GCI 2016 participant & mentor virtual meet-and-greet

Things to remember:

  • We’re working with high school students, so they may need a little hand holding. However, the tasks are not too hard!
  • All tasks and work happens on the code-in website, so check it often! also, feel free to turn on notifications to receive alerts
  • This is a contest, so students will do their best to get tasks done as far as they can. We should strive to provide quick turnaround, and evaluate their work as soon as we can
  • Feel free to ask for more work / changes on tasks. Student may also request extensions, which you can grant!
  • If you have any questions feel free to reach out over IRC/Telegram/Talk and we can all work together to help solve the question!

The basic workflow of the competition will be like this:

  • Students will claim a task on the GCI platform.
  • They will work on this task for the time specified on the task. They are encouraged to ask questions online so please be ready to help, especially students with no prior experience.
  • After they work on the task, they will submit it for review. Please make sure that students do not repeat tasks that are “once per student”.
  • Once you have reviewed the work, you can approve the task. If the task contained a PR, I encourage you to label it “gci-approved” rather than merging it so that other students can work on the task (if applicable).
  • If the task requires more work, please provide detailed feedback to the students so they understand how to complete the task.
  • Remember, we’re all on the same team, no matter how competitive the competition gets. Our goal is to teach students what open source software is like! Encourage collaboration and open discussion :slight_smile:

We look forward to an amazing GCI :slight_smile:


Can we update this page https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Google+Code-in+2016 with information that mentors need to actually start reviewing and approving tasks at codein.withgoogle.com?

i have a huge issue regarding one of the issues. i have contacted People on IRC none were able to offer a solution please help! how do i make personal space