Creating a personal space on the wiki

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@imcocolg, did you first get access to the wiki first? (We don’t automatically create wiki accounts for everyone that registers a new OpenMRS ID, because of spam issues we ran into before.)

We did away with personal spaces a long time ago.

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I posted a issue ticket for requesting access. However using my OpenMRS id I’m able to access the wiki side so does that mean i have access, not what do i do!

@imcocolg, which is the GCI task that asked you to enter this About You information on the wiki? These days we prefer people to introduce themselves on the Talk thread that is dedicated to this. (So, if we’re asking you to do it on the wiki in some GCI task, we need to fix this.)

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the 1st task

@imcocolg, is the first task the same thing as is written here?

(I’m not a GCI mentor so I can’t see the tasks.)

This task asks you to create a wiki profile, but I think you created a wiki page instead. (Basically, there is no need to create a personal space.)

Long story short… there’s a bug. The mentors told me they will delete it themselves

Somebody needs to kill those tasks…