GCI 2016 participant & mentor virtual meet-and-greet

Hello and welcome to all prospective participants in Google Code-in at OpenMRS! Just like we do in our main "introduce yourself"10 topic here on OpenMRS Talk, we’d love to hear more about you and what you do :slight_smile:

Please share more info on:

  • Where you’re from,
  • What you found interesting about Google Code-in and/or OpenMRS,
  • If you participated in Google Code-in during the previous years, and
  • Some of your interests (technology or otherwise!)

We look forward to getting to know you and all the other participants over the next few months!


Hi, I am from Poland. I very like programming so I decided to join in Google Code-In. I haven’t participated in GCI yet. I’m programming web pages but sometimes also trying Android & Windows applications.


Hey there. My name is Divya and I am from India. I am a football/soccer player and a hockey player. I have been programming in java since 2 years. I am also learning web development. I love technology and the idea that how technology can change and influence our lives. I am participating in GCI as it would introduce me to the world of open source and I would get to learn a lot from it.


Hey! I’m Mukerrem from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m 15 years old, mountaineering and hiking are my favourite activities. School… Meh :slight_smile: I also like computers, hardware and software. I build PCs for my friends, built one for myself.

I’ve been coding in Swift for a little bit more than a year now. Been working with HTML, CSS and JS for some time now, too. My friend showed me Google Code-in, it seems like a great place to improve yourself and improve what others have built before. I’ve never participated in this before!

Edit: Could anyone access OpenMRS Wiki, or even sign up? Instructions say you should use the “Help Desk” for the sign up, but I still couldn’t find a way to do it.


Hi, I am from India and what I liked about gci is it helps both the open source organizations as well as students across the globe. Students learn new things and organizations may get new ideas and that is really very cool. I am participating in gci for first time and I like to participate in programming competitions and playing football is a hobby.


Hi!! I’m Aryaman from India. I like the concept of Google code-in as it binds the whole of code community together, students especially. It provides an incentive to many young learners to learn more and more. Me being a first-time participant feel that Google Code-in provides a great platform for many of the young coders in the world who are looking for such opportunities. My hobbies would be programming, learning concepts of physics and programming and photography.


Hey guys, I am from India, Jaipur. Since a very young age technology has become a part of me and it has given me so much, that i don’t know if i would be able to ever pay it back. My ps2 used to be my only friend during my childhood, I was most of the time home alone as i lived with my dad and because i was just a kid i couldn’t really get out of the house. So then and there technology became a part of me! From J.A.R.V.I.S in iron man to the sick hacking skills of Skye(marvel character from a really great show AOS) they all inspired and made me desperate to have an AI of mine or be an amazing hacker (Not the bad one…). I LOVE GAMING AS WELL!. All of it was like my candyland for me. i could have joined Copyleft Games but OpenMRS seemed like the better way the idea of helping someone less fortunate then me is very special to me in a way i cannot describe it. It killed me to read news about certain people dying just because of a very minor disease (Can’t remember the specific name) in a government hospital due to some silly errors, which could be solved by creating a better platform for these hospitals! I barely have any friends and the fact that people of similar interests as mine in one place, and working on a similar goal just seems like a perfect opportunity for both to make friends and help the society! I know this was supposed to be a small introduction so i will end in just a line or 2 more , so bare with me.

I am a Huge marvel fan-boy, gamer, not yet a coder ( I consider myself novice in the field), and I m a huge geek! Not an ANIME FAN ! I love pizza and would take it as the only food on an island.

If you have similar interests as mine, reply and lets get cracking and helping people in need ! I have a lot of colleagues from around the world so i would not judge you if you speak “broken” English… If you want to know more reply !

I almost forgot to add that I also enjoy doing GFX and I am learning howto make games through online resources as of now ! I forgot to add my age as well… I am 15 by the way.


I love learning about physics ! And i would tell you to pay MIT ocw a visit over Youtube and lookup the quantum physics videos and you will stuck like a magnet to them for hours! Have you done anything similar to making a portal that helps people ? if so i want to know about the difficulties you faced and how about we discuss it among the group so we can solve issues similar to those before we make our own solution ?

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I can help you out bud! Just send me a message on here or an email @ imcocomlg■■■■■■■■■■. It’s funny actually, i love making pc’s as well. I have a great idea for a low cost machine that could be feasible and small hospitals and i would love some insight. This could help us in tasks as well!

@nadian i love gaming and Virtual reality as well !!! I can’t reply more then 3 times on the same thread as a new user so i added u in here … :smiley:


Hi I’m Nadia and live in the UK. This is my first time participating in the google code-in. It is interesting how many tasks there actually are to do. I love technology especially the Virtual Reality and gaming side of things. However, I have a long way to go until I am a professional coder.:grinning:


Hi, I’m from Bulgaria, like any kind of sports as well as computer games. I am beginner and think GCI is great source of experience with working on real life tasks and gives you great start in the world of open source.


@dimitar It is only the first day but I am already liking the structure of the google code-in.


yeah, it isn’t hard to get used to it


Hello, I am abdulsamad aliyu, i am 16 year old and i am from nigeria. I am a beginner to coding, and i hope GCI is going to help me improve on my development skills and i also hope to win.



I’m Jack. I am 15 years old, and I am from the USA. This is my first year doing google code-in, so I’m not yet good at coding and I’m still getting the hang of google code-in and its structure. I want to become better at coding as well as help others, which is why OpenMRS stood out to me among all the GCI organizations.

I love to play baseball, and I like watching most other sports.

I look forward to meeting new people and improving my coding skills!


I couldn’t access OpenMRS Wiki either…have you gotten it to work yet?

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Hey everyone, I’m Mira from the USA! I’m a Junior in High School (16 years old), and I was introduced to Google Code-in by a teacher. I have never participated before. I just started learning code this year and think this is a great opportunity for me to advance my technological skills while applying it to the medical field. I love that OpenMRS provides a medical record system to developing countries! I have experience manually filing medical records and know how tedious it is; a computer-based system is much more organized and reliable.

My interests include volunteering (especially in health related areas), playing the piano and viola, baking/cooking, and scientific research.

It’s really cool that everyone is from different countries around the world :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Robert Buckley and I am 16 years old (a Junior in high school). I am from Connecticut in the United States. I found Google Code-in and OpenMRS interesting because they allowed me to find an easy entrance into an open source community with a legitimately admirable and impactful mission which speaks to me personally. This is my first year in Code-in. Until now my programming experience has been in isolation or extremely small teams. The big, organized community will hopefully be a pleasant adjustment.

Technology wise, my main programming skills lie in Java, JavaScript, and Python. I have a decent library of Android and web applications under my belt. In terms of intrests in technology, I want to learn how to become a member of an open source community. I also hope delve into QA and security. Besides technology, I love watching films, chess, math, video games, and politics.


Hi! I’m Zoë and I’m 19 years old, born and raised in the heart of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) but now reside in North America to further my studies. I was finalist with OpenMRS in GCI 2014, mentored the following year in GCI 2015 and am mentoring again this year! :ok_woman:

Before GCI 2014, I didn’t know what open source software was, let alone code a single line in my entire life. I stuck to documenting, outreach and really simple coding tasks but with the guidance and motivation of other participants and mentors (S/O! You know who you are), I ventured out of my comfort zone and accomplished more than I thought I would. In a nutshell, GCI aims to further educate teens not only about OSS but also the importance of a interdisciplinary communities that collaborate across the world which make substantial change possible and leave big impacts, as promoted by OpenMRS’s GSoC slogan - Write Code. Save Lives. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done or reach out to the mentors, other community members or even the founders! :burke: (Where’s the Paul emoji?) Everyone’s friendly :slight_smile: Join the GCI OpenMRS Chat and say hi!

Can’t wait to see the contributions you guys have to offer over the next few weeks! :smiley: REMEMBER: QUALITY over QUANTITY! :openmrs:


Hey guys,

My name is Siddharth (I go by Sid) and I am from Georgia in the USA. I have been wanting to work on an open source project for a while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get started. OpenMRS seems like one of the best ways to help people all around the world, which is why I chose it. I would be satisfied knowing that I am saving lives by contributing to OpenMRS, while programming at the same time.

I started programming in 9th grade with java. Since then, I have/am learning p5.js, java. python, and machine learning. Machine Learning is super cool. It blows my mind how you can code a program to essentially think on its own. All you have to do is input some data, and then watch it work its magic. Another reason I love machine learning so much is that eventually, I want to be able to program AI like J.A.R.V.I.S, and machine learning is the first step. I also like playing and watching soccer.

This is my first year participating in Google Code-in and I hope to make a difference in the world!