IDGEN-42 Ticket progress tracker

Extending discussion from Pending tickets for Platform 2.2, I have just started this thread to keep track of progress on the remaining ticket which currently being worked on by @tendomart.

@tendomart feel free to post blockers, progress and related resources here. The major usecase for this to ensure this ticket gets fixed ASAP.


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@tendomart should we expect a commit(PR) like atleast later this Wednesday?

Sorry not been online whole day but will do a commit in a few hours from now.

Just a follow up comment, should we expect a PR maybe late this week @tendomart :smile:

@samuel34 a commit atleast.

@dkayiwa am just wondering if on top of

  • IdentifierPoolResourceHandler




a SequentialIdentifierGeneratorController should miss out

@tendomart I do not understand your question.

@dkayiwa i have succeeded bringing back




-IdentifierSourceResourceTest(existed) as per

been thinking of exposing SequentialIdentifierGenerator Resource by also introducing a SequentialIdentifierController.Is this not re-inventing the wheel ?

but still checking to see if that was handled via -IdentifierSourceController

Do what you think is best as per your judgement and raise a pull request which we shall review and comment as needed. Remember to bring back the tests too.


@dkayiwa alright thanks.

Hello @tendomart I hope you are pushing on well with this issue.

@tendomart any hopes of making a PR today?

@tendomart may be offline

Hopefully Tomorrow… Sorry it’s stretched this far…

Just a reminder to @tendomart

@samuel34 yeah sure thanks !

@dkayiwa , @samuel34 i did a commit at You guys can take a look at it

cc. @c.antwi cc. @irenyak1

Thanks will do so.



Thanks @tendomart for the commit. But why don’t you do your contributions through the Pull Request convention? It’s always module codebase maintainers that use that commit convention!

Yes he needs to do a pull request.

@samuel34 i thought it more convenient and wise to have you guys look at it before i do a PR.But a PR is coming shortly.