Pending tickets for Platform 2.2

Hello @fruether I am just following up on the pending two tickets TRUNK-5395 and TRUNK-5396 which are in post- commit code review. Are you aware of anyone reviewing them or we ask someone to volunteer and do that. Please let me know their state so that members can take action because they are further delaying the release process. Thank you so much for the time you have invested to serve the community.

cc @c.antwi

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Hi, both tickets have the same state. They were successfully merged by @raf and I think so far everything worked out till this step.

I am not sure what the next steps would be. I am not aware if anyone is reviewing them currently.

I think you should ask someone to volunteer. Feel free to contact me in case of questions

This are both good to go… I went ahead and closed them out… thanks for following up @irenyak1!

Thanks so much @mogoodrich and @fruether for the quick response and the good work. Let me go ahead and we start the release process.

Hello @Donald Sibo , @burke and @dkayiwa, I am just following up on ticket PLAT-30 to find out how far with it, Do you thing it will be done by the end of this week that has just started or is the work on it done already? On the road map, this ticket is awaiting closure, please I seek for clarification.

On the same note @tendomart , how far with ticket IDGEN-42, will it be done by end of this new week?

Thank you all for the good work you are doing to see that Platform 2.2 release becomes a success. Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you for the follow up @irenyak1. I have actually been blocked by exams :smile:

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Thanks @irenyak1 for your efforts to push this forward. @tendomart , were you able to make some headway with

If not, could we get this completed by Wednesday this week? It would be great to start the release process asap.


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@c.antwi working hard around the corner.Am sure will do some commits sometime this week. Sorry missed PM call yesterday , had poor bandwidth.

cc .@irenyak1

How are we doing this week? Will we get to the finish line?

Regards C

Hopefully .It’s a few units missing and some errors to fix.

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