IDGEN-42 Ticket progress tracker

Such changes do not appear in our pool of pull requests which we routinely look at. Therefore, always do a pull request.

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@tendomart just a reminder on issuing a PR :blush:

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On such a freaky Friday, @tendomart would really wanna raise a PR :joy:

How is @tendomart doing, is he able to receive these notifications? :slight_smile:

@irenyak1 , @samuel34
Wanted to folks but,my machine is faulty.Fixing it…but updates are this week

I refactored the repo because it was noisy and making some changes as some of my Mock Test Objects are still am working hard to make them pass so i can effectually raise a PR.


Hello @tendomart how are you doing? was your machine fixed? Should we expect a PR today or tomorrow?

@irenyak1 am fixed Tomorrow hopefully

did a PR at with some errors for @samuel34 's sake… .still fixing the remaining methods.

Man it looks like your working from the master branch. Did you just forget?

@samuel34 oops yeah, i did.After cleaning the previous commit ,forgot to create a new branch…But look at the changes anyways will change that.

I wish your work was on a different branch, I would get it locally and efficiently make more changes

let me find a way out.I hope it doesn’t get noisy again.

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@c.antwi @samuel34 forked my branch ,were trying to break it down into smaller tasks to accelerate Release…

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