Ideas for the 2017 OpenMRS Conference Hackathon

Please post your ideas for the OMRS17 Hackathon on this thread!

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The website shows the hackathon on Dec 15-16. Is that correct? We are booking the flights and need to know the schedule for the conference and hackathon completion.


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Enhance RefApp clinical dashboard by addition of Condition Lists

I believe analysis is complete and Bahmni has already implemented this. Partners In Health would definitely use this.


Yes, that’s correct. Sorry for my delay in response.

I have two ideas so far:

  • Alternative visualizations of concepts and mappings for OCL
  • Request/submission + approval/verification (of concepts) workflow for OCL

I will be adding a number of ideas:

  1. Update uicommons to use webpack to build the CSS files instead of SASS as part of moving the style guide to Boostrap Update on the replacement of the Reference Application Style Guide with Twitter Bootstrap

  2. Enabling Patient Flags to execute Reporting Module cohort queries - and documenting how to do this for other modules that may need this

  3. Build an OWA for patient flags :slight_smile: to expose existing functionality @craigappl @mogoodrich

Hi Everyone,

I’m not attending, but have a few ideas on interoperability that could be useful:

  • If others are interested, we could create a PR for the registration core and registration app modules that allow it to interact with an MPI for PIX and PDQ transactions. The hackathon could work to integrate this PR into OpenMRS core and setup automated integration tests with OpenEMPI so developers can test the modules against an MPI.
  • We’re working on a spec to enhance the ORU^R01 interface so it can receive and parse lab results from systems like OpenELIS, LabWare and Soft Computer.

Sincerely, Craig

FYI @nathaelf and @jmaxy

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I’ll be at the hackathon this year, and I’m personally hoping to spend the time writing some Bahmni code.

A few random ideas off the top of my head:

  • Bahmni supporting the CIEL dictionary
  • Copy the allergies functionality from the Reference Application to Bahmni (ideally repackaging this as an OWA so the code could be shared)
  • support concept attributes in the OpenMRS concept dictionary UI (because we want to start using these in Bahmni)

Can’t you just use the existing allergies modules?


I’m excited and can’t wait to join in this year’s hackathon!


The existing allergy UI is built using uiframework and Gasps, and we don’t use those in Bahmni. We would need a JS+REST application, including some widgets that we can include into the existing Bahmni patient dashboard.

The ideal would be to structure the code so the same owa can be used in Bahmni or the RefApp but I’m not sure what that would entail.