OMRS17 Hackathon Call for participants and ideas

Hi all,

This year me and @sanjayap will be co-leads for the OMRS17 hackathon. And we hope to make it a little different from past hackathons(I’ve attended just one :slightly_smiling_face: ). I remember last year during the hackathon, we had an sdk demonstration and we also collectively fixed a bug on jira. This year we are hoping people can build innovative things on OpenMRS during the hackathon and get prizes. These products need not to be feature complete after the hackathon.

Please I will recommend everyone to propose ideas for the hackathon even if you not planning to attend or even if you don’t have the technical skills to implement it. You’ll be paired with someone that has the technical know how. I’ve seen hackathons where only one person had technical skills and still won. You just need to be able to communicate your vision.

Do you have a cool innovative idea you wish people should work on during the hackathon? Or do you have your own idea you want to work on? Please propose these ideas on the thread below

If you plan to participate in the hackathon(note: you don’t have to be technical), I created a short 1min form that will help us understand the participants. The form has just 3 questions, your name, openmrs id and yes or no question about whether you consider yourself a technical person. This information will help us know how to best organize the hackathon. Fill the form here

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Thanks @ivange94 and @sanjayap for leading this, this sounds like a great idea, I think we’ve tried it in the past and one of the things we learnt was that normally 1.5 days might not always be enough for devs to get up to speed and get the work completed.

I think what you want to do is to clearly outline the deliverables that are realistic for each project/feature, some of the projects might not be complete but could lay a good foundation to set the development efforts in motion even after the hackathon as long as you defined the deliverables at the beginning, you could even have a project where people just brainstorm about the design of a new feature.

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