Best communication medium between Helpdesk Managers and Infrastructure Team?

Hey again!

Boy, I just love posting here today! :stuck_out_tongue: I need your help on something else!

Last week I had a meeting with the Helpdesk Managers (@hilz041 and @ivange94) and one of our discussions included the best way to communicate with the Infrastructure team for helping answer technical questions.

I imagine some of these tickets are simply mis-filtered toward the HelpDesk, but currently our only point of contact is @pascal which might not be the best point of contact because he’s just one individual and he’s as busy as all of us!

Is there a better way for Helpdesk managers to send tech-related questions/tickets to triage them appropriately within the Infrastructure team?

How would we do that?

Thank you for your assistance!

They can assign it to the ITSM team in helpdesk and it will fall into the queues for them. Assigning it to the correct team on Desk is key. There are filters set up(I know I set up a good handful of them prior to resigning) ensuring that they get categorized properly.

They can also join the infrastructure chat on Telegram, where people are more or less paying attention :slight_smile:


Yes, best way is to put it in our queues. Add a note if necessary as well.

I don’t have visibility of the queues configurations, but our main queue is IT service management. If something is there, it’s going to be addressed :slight_smile:


Thanks i will also join Telegram chat, also how can i import ‘getting started’ sections from the wiki to Helpdesk. I have realised that that section is empty yet all other have some links for guidance.see pic

some help please or someone can do it for us.



Hi Hillary,

I don’t have permission to create topics either, not sure who has it.


I know @burke is one person and not sure who the other admin was after I left…


I agree with the others that triaging them to infrastructure in makes the most sense. If there are questions outside of specific helpdesk tickets, then here (Talk > Community Infrastructure) or hop in (Telegram chat).

Unfortunately, appears only full-time users can create content in We only have five full-time user licenses at this time (currently used by myself, @jeffneiman, @pascal, and @maurya). On the other hand, I would propose we limit use of content for canned responses and direct people to Talk, wiki, or JIRA (all readily available for Q&A, knowledgebase, and help articles) rather than creating yet another set of content to maintain within As for the getting started materials, we already have two places to maintain this information: (1) wiki ( and (2) GitBook ( &


Thanks for all the amazing help, everyone!

@hilz041 I will cross reference this information with that on the wiki and put it on the HelpDesk site.

Directing people to channels that have more watchers, is a step in the right direction. :wink:


Thanks very much everyone, @jeffneiman will be waiting for that information.

Or you can put it on the wiki period. The helpdesk knowledge base has enough there to cover the basics – why add more?