Help us brainstorm ideas for themes/objectives for OMRS20!

Most of the time, the in-country team planning our Implementer’s Meeting proposes a theme and some objectives for our annual meeting, and we ask for your feedback.

With the move to a virtual conference this year, we’d like to get your input right from the beginning.

  • What would you like to take away from this year’s virtual conference?

  • What current trends or topics would you like to delve into this year?

Your ideas generate other ideas, so please share whatever comes to mind!


OMRS20: Walking Together

I would like to turn the virtual conferencing and inevitable distancing in a pandemic around on itself and focus this year on how many opportunities are coming together for the OpenMRS Community and focus our efforts on the amazing things we can accomplish in 2021 if we walk together.


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I want to believe covid 19 has been in our concept dictionary for some years but its only this year when its effect has been felt on the entire globe. I honestly appreciate the Covid 19 squad which come up with a tool to help in tracking the responses. I therefore suggest we have a lightning talk from different chapters if possible with a demo on how the tool is used for screening, treatment and surveillance efforts in hospitals using openmrs platform.