Designs for the OMRS20 banner!

As we move close to our OMRS20,we would like to have a design that we can use for our banner, you can have a look at some of the previous designs we have had here,You decide on the #OMRS19 Banner .We are wellcoming any designs from members to Wednesday 28th -10-2020 on this thread.Mean while,you can use any of the themes here as we try to conclude on one for the event Help us brainstorm ideas for themes/objectives for OMRS20! .Any questions are welcome,cc @dkayiwa @jennifer @gracebish @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @christine

Hi every one, dropped some banners here for the omrs2020.@christine incase we have any other designs, we can drop them here!!

cc @grace @jennifer @christine @ggomez @dkayiwa @sanjayap @burke @jwnasambu @mozzy @sharif @gcliff @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev @dev5


They look great!! If we are to choose among the two, first one looks better to me.

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Love these. A slight preference for the 1st one.

Is it “Implementers” or “Implementors”?


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@herbert24 if you made these yourself, you are a super star! :muscle:

Though both are good, the first one is the winner! :smile:

But i prefer the colour blend of the second one, if it had the same background designs as the first one, then it would be the killer! :slight_smile:


These look very nice. Some thoughts:

  • Add a prominent #OMRS20, perhaps under “2020”. Social media is an important medium and may be even more so for a virtual conference.
  • I don’t think the word “THEME” is necessary; it’s implied.
  • I like to ring, but it feels like the most important message (“Implementers Conference 2020 #OMRS20”) is a fraction of its possible size being forced inside the ring. Maybe it wouldn’t look nice, but I’d be interested in seeing what it would look like if the title was larger and the ring behind it or transparent over the title.

While these set a high bar, I’d be interested in trying to come up with a logo that plays on the “Walking Together” theme. Promoting (even subliminally) the idea of coming together seems even more important as we’re forced to be physically separated during this pandemic.

Great work!


thanks @herbert24 for the wonderful work

i vouch for the first one

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Well done @herbert24 :ok_hand:, they look so nice, Do you plan to share the link for voting as it has been

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Gorgeous work @herbert24. I think we also need to update the date here - looks like it’s 2021 but we probably want it to be 2020 :wink: image

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Woow, I’m very impressed. I really like the first one, it’s really good. I would only delete the word “theme” and maybe add “…” to the topic of the conference.

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@herbert24, thanks for the amazing Job. I haven’t received any other designs yet. However, community members are welcome to submit additional designs by replying to this post and attaching the design by 2nd Nov 2020.

In addition to @grace’s comment, the correct dates are 30th Nov to 4th Dec 2020.

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Thanks every one for all the feed back here, am gona make the changes and drop the finalized designs here


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Made some changes after the feed back , checkout the above two designs, next step, choosing the one we can use, cc @jennifer @christine

@herbert24, did you try making the “OpenMRS Implementers Conference 2020 #OMRS20” text bigger (i.e., using the full width of the banner) with the ring behind the text?

ohh yaa but it doesn’t come out clearly @burke

Hmmm. I guess it’s a matter of taste. Or maybe it’s having eyes over 40 years-old. :wink: Or maybe I’ve been influenced by #betterposter to make the primary message visible from across the room:


Thanks @burke, @christine @jennifer @grace so this brings us to three choices to choose from!!

Personally I love the idea of a photo in the background. “Working together” is communicated by the image above, so I like it. But at the same time, people sitting around a table with their heads down is maybe not as exciting as it could be :slight_smile: @herbert24 what if we tried using the jazz-hands photo from a previous year, like this one?