Hearing from Our Community: Ideas for regular Showcase calls from Squads & Implementers

With all the conversations and interesting work going on, it can be difficult to have a clear sense of all the ongoing work, how work ends up being used, the impact and feedback from front-lines, and the overlapping work between implementations.

We’ve tried Talk posts, themed lightning talks, and topical squad calls. These are important, but not designed to offer a birds-eye view on their own. Getting together at the conference every year is very exciting but only annual. Previously, there was a quarterly Scrum of Scrums / Standup, where implementations quickly shared their priorities (<5mins each).

We’d like to try two regular, show-and-tell community sessions. Anyone welcome, and we’d send out a text summary.

:bulb:Idea 1: Squad Showcase

Squad representatives briefly demo their work from the last month (or show screenshots), explain the problems this solves, and when/how it will be available for actual use. Then Q&A. Goal is to help squads hear feedback on their work and show they are delivering value, and see what generates interest.

  • I would attend Squad Showcases
  • Preference: Every 1 month
  • Preference: Every 2 months
  • Preference: Every 3 months
  • I would also be interested in a technical update call, where we could learn about the technology choices the squads are making

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:bulb:Idea 2: Implementer Showcase

Representatives from OMRS implementations share their highlights from the last quarter, plans for the next quarter, and possible areas of collaboration. Ideally presenters would bring the use case(s) to life with a few visuals like pictures, screenshots, or a demo. Goals: Help the wider community understand what on-the-ground use cases are a high priority for our implementers, and identify overlaps and shared interests.

  • I would join Implementers’ Showcases
  • I would join Implementers’ Showcases but only if they were very short if it was a very quick update
  • Preference: Every 2 months
  • Preference: Every 3 months
  • Preference: Every 4 months

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We’d love to hear your feedback!

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Thanks to everyone who has already voted! To keep this conversation moving, here are three more additional thoughts I’ve heard from community members that I thought were helpful:

  1. We could use the summarized notes from these Showcase calls in a regular mailing list update or blog post, so that we can regularly update the world on what’s happening in and around OpenMRS, and how we’re progressing on our roadmap.

  2. Perhaps we could publicize these Showcase calls with the wider GDHN audience as well. They likely have people interested in many similar topics who wouldn’t know to seek out the call from our calendar or Talk.

  3. Before calls, presenters could fill in a very short form in advance; something like this:

  • What problems did your team solve for users in the last __ months? _______
  • Other highlights: _____
  • Plans for the next __ months: ____
  • Interested in collaborating on: _____

Based on positive feedback here and in other channels, let’s set up our first Squad Showcase soon. 1PM UTC on the last Thursday or Friday of each month looks like it’s usually free in the community calendar (though every ~ 3mos the Bahmni coalition call is on the last Thursday morning).

For the Squad Showcases - What would people prefer (we can try once and see how it goes):

  • last Friday every month, 1pm UTC/9am EDT/ 4pm EAT
  • last Thursday every month, 1pm UTC/9am EDT/ 4pm EAT

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Looking through the calendar this seems