Guidance to Contribute to this community for gsoc 2020

Hello everyone, I m Rishav Dhar , a 2nd Year student. I want to contribute to this organisation in gsoc 2020. I went through the projects and liked the Open MRS Android Client Project 2.8+ After going through the github repo I couldn’t find any issues to look over. I am very much interested to contribute to this community in Android. Can anyone tell me how should I proceed?

cc @tendomart @gcliff @c.antwi

HELLO @iamrishav your welcome to the openmrs community, in regards to your issue i can best refer you to @dkayiwa and @f4ww4z who has been actively contributing Openmrs Android Client Project 2.8+

Also hope your have you gone through how to get started as a developer on openmrs

@iamrishav GSoC projects creation is a continuous process and you don’t have to be scared. Just begin by contributing on the current raised tickets to be familiar with openmrs.

Thanks for your guidance.:grinning:

@iamrishav if you read the README in the repository, all Android client issues are filed in JIRA: .

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