Guidance to Contribute to this community for gsoc 2020

Hello everyone, I m Rishav Dhar , a 2nd Year student. I want to contribute to this organisation in gsoc 2020. I went through the projects and liked the Open MRS Android Client Project 2.8+ After going through the github repo I couldn’t find any issues to look over. I am very much interested to contribute to this community in Android. Can anyone tell me how should I proceed?


cc @tendomart @gcliff @c.antwi

HELLO @iamrishav your welcome to the openmrs community, in regards to your issue i can best refer you to @dkayiwa and @f4ww4z who has been actively contributing Openmrs Android Client Project 2.8+

Also hope your have you gone through how to get started as a developer on openmrs

@iamrishav GSoC projects creation is a continuous process and you don’t have to be scared. Just begin by contributing on the current raised tickets to be familiar with openmrs.

Thanks for your guidance.:grinning:

@iamrishav if you read the README in the repository, all Android client issues are filed in JIRA: .


hello @gcliff , i am Saurabh Gupta 3rd year computer science student . I am proficient in Android and i want to contribute in one of the open MRS android projects . i want to participate in GSoC 2020 . can you please guide me where to start ?

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We are glad for you having interest in openmrs community Kindly click here to get started.


@iamrishav if you read the README in the repository, all Android client issues are filed in JIRA: .

This can be of help too

Hi @iamrishav and @sg28march,

It’s nice that you are interested in GSoC with OpenMRS. The community normally welcomes folks like you! You wanna get started with showcasing your proficient skills in projects of your interest by working on Any ticket of your choice as you learn more about OpenMRS as you keep watch for GSoC 2019 announcement!

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I am Siddartha Dutt 3rd year computer science student. I want to participate in Gsoc openmrs projects. Can you please tell me on what basis the selection happens?

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It all dependents on your proposal and how familiar you are with the project. The timeline for GSoC is determined by Google.


Thank you @jwnasambu .

Hello everyone, I am Aman Mishra , B.Tech 3rd year. I was hoping to contribute to OpenMRS and then participate in GSOC 2020. I was interested in the project Patient Queuing in Reference Application. I have set up the OpenMRS locally on my tomcat server. Can you guide me how should I move further now?

@slubwama did you see this?

Just seen this. @aman have you looked at the documentation on the wiki first. If you need a mentor for this project I will be available



You can get some useful information regarding GSoC from this post,

GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students


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@slubwama I went through the wiki. I will start contributing to openmrs so that I could take this as a project for GSOC 2020. Thanks for your willingness to mentor this project.

hello, @jwnasambu , Please can you tell me how to find GitHub repositories of Openmrs Issues.

@siddu Link to all OpenMRS repositories and here are the list of all issues. Hope it helps !!

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