GSoC 2023: Updating the SDK

Hai, I’m Interested in this idea for GSoC 2023 program Improving the OpenMRS Developer Experience: Updating the SDK. I would love to contribute to this project because it aligns with my interests and skills. I’m here to get some guidance to work on this project. How should I prepare myself and my proposal? Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Phanendhar Reddy Kusuma

@user234, is this conversation helpful?

Yes. Actually, I’ve seen the repository but there are no pending issues. Is it mandatory to prove this before submitting the proposal? Thank you for your time.

Have you had a chance to look at? → - OpenMRS Issues

Having some work done around the project idea of your interest increases your chances of being selected.

Thank you so much for sharing. @kdaud
I’ve not seen this issues earlier. I was checking in on the GitHub issues.
As a fresher. Those issues are too much technical for me. I’ve installed the setup and performed some operations as well but it is throwing errors.
But I’m very interested to participate, learn and complete the project.
So, What would you suggest me to do. I’ll appreciate the community inputs as well. Thanks again for your time.

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Have you been able to set up a local server using SDK? OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

I did install the setup and tried to run “basicexample” but it is asking to setup the server on MySQL. How can we do that with JDBC?

I can see Apache Maven is included in XML file. Here we need to create a SQL as properties?

There are no servers available

Did you succeed with running this step?

I did this yesterday - but didn’t work well.
So, do I need to start the docker image first for databases?
where can I get this image? I searched but not found.

why do you think so? The same exception appeared yesterday as well

Which command are you running?

mvn openmrs-sdk:setup
and then selecting options in terminal of
Specify server id(-DserverId) : server
select the following servers: 1) Distribution 2) Platform which one do you choose? : 2
version: 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT
server to use: 8080
production server: no debugging
which database would like to use?: 1) MySQL 2)MySQL in SDK docker container 3) Existing docker container 4) PostgreSQL : 3
asked to specify container id: given my DB username and password
and then asked to enter database URL : I entered default value
And the output screen is attached in the previous message

What happens when you select the prior platform version?

Nope. I tried the prior 4 versions not working

What is the output when run mvn –version ?

Downgrade Java to version 8

Sorry to ask but Is it mandatory? because I was working on other projects as well which require a higher version of Java. If So, I’ll setup in my virtual systems. Please let me know