GSoC 2023: Updating the SDK

Our SDK can only be built on JDK 8 right now (that’s true of most of OpenMRS’s Java stuff). You might want to have a look at something like: GitHub - FelixSelter/JEnv-for-Windows: Change your current Java version with one line. It may be possible as part of this project to setup the SDK to build in a newer version of the JDK as long as it still works on JDK 8.

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Yeah, thank you so much. It’ll help for sure. I’ll try that and update with you.

How can change the java version here in mvn --version
In the normal terminal, it is saying java version 1.8.0_202

I think something like jenv use 1.8.0 before running Maven should work.

Stalled here

This is happening when I tried to add Java to JEnv List
Am I doing it wrong?
jenv add <name> <path>
And I’ve added “jdk1.8.0_202” and “JEnv-for-Windows” into Path (System Variables).

@user234 in case you have no project running Java 17 then you could uninstall all the available versions on the machine and install the desired version.

Yeah, I uninstalled Java 17 and then tried setting it up.
but still, the problem persists.

Same error
Saying that the docker host link is not a valid URI