GSOC 2022 : Improving the OpenMRS Developer Experience: Updating the SDK

Hi @all following up on Wed 2022-04-06 Platform call .

Could this be the right time to discuss the scope / Ideas of how to include O3 Dev Support / functionality into the SDK. ?


Thoughts @dkayiwa / @ibacher / @burke /@raff

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Some Questions / observations to guide answer the problem

  1. What really is included in “Support for Building 3.x Refapp Distro”, does it also include implemenation ? Iam also wondering how to avoid introducing ambiguity following what is already available at the O3 implementation page

  2. Which workflows are we supporting ?

  3. A.O.B

We will need to adapt this project to be something more like “Improving the OpenMRS Developer experience: Updating the SDK”.

@ibacher & @dkayiwa, could you please update the project page toward this end? Focusing on pulling out 1.x functionality into a legacy version of the SDK and cleaning up the existing SDK code.

I’ve added some updates and details. I’d appreciate any questions from anyone looking at taking this project to see what we can clarify.

New page (because I renamed the project) is: GSoC 2022: Improving the OpenMRS Developer Experience: Updating the SDK - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki


Thanks @ibacher noted.