GSoC 2022 - OCL Subscription Module for OpenMRS 3 - Final Presentation

Project Summary


OCL Subscription Module is one of the most valuable modules used with OpenMRS to make the implementations easier. The existing OCL subscription module is built targetting the OpenMRS RefApp 2.x, and its frontend runs as an OpenWebApp (with the help of the OWA Module). When it comes to OpenMRS 3.x, the OWA module is deprecated but it is still used due to the unavailability of the micro frontend of the OCL Subscription Module

This project is focused on creating a micro frontend for the above-mentioned OpenMRS OCL Module (OCL Subscription Module) admin tool. With that modern frontend technologies, it enables OpenMRS users and developers around the world to share more frontend functionalities, reduce duplicated effort, and have a better user experience.


  • To avail the OCL Module functionality as a micro frontend
    1. Ability to manage(add/edit/remove) a subscription :white_check_mark:
    2. Ability to Import Concepts using the saved subscription :white_check_mark:
    3. Ability to Import Concepts using a zip file :white_check_mark:
    4. Ability to see the list of previous imports :white_check_mark:
    5. Ability to see the details of a selected previous import :white_check_mark:


Weekly Blog Posts

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Future Works

The main requirements of the project were fulfilled, so in the future, the following new features can be added.

  • Automation/Scheduling Support
  • Supporting multiple subscriptions

Thoughts on GSoC

First of all, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in GSoC under OpenMRS. It has been a wonderful summer for me. This is the second time I have been selected for Google Summer of Code. This year I got the opportunity to develop a frontend project, and it was a good starting point for me to learn about microfrontends.

I really appreciate my mentors @ibacher and @hadijah315 for guiding me throughout the project. They were very supportive and knowledgeable, so It was easy for me to clear the doubts and complete the project. I would also like to thank @grace and @suruchi for the assistance given. Also special thanks to @jayasanka for introducing me to OpenMRS and for the support given from the beginning to get selected for both GSoC 2021 and GSoC 2022. I’m looking forward to working with OpenMRS in future as well.


@piumal1999 congratulations for this far!

Congratulations @piumal1999 ! Wish you best luck :tada::tada::clap::clap: