GSoC-2022 Final Results

Hi everyone,

Here, let’s celebrate the final results of the Google Summer of Code 2022 !!!

This year, we had 5 Contributors with 7 mentors and ended up with a 100% successful completion :star_struck:. Please find the final presentations of our contributors here:

  1. Anjula Samarasinghe
  1. Pasindu Rupasinghe
  1. Piumal Rathnayake
  1. Kumuditha Karunarathna
  1. Amr Salah

We would like to thank all the contributors, mentors who worked with the projects, and the community members who helped these projects in all possible ways. This was another successful Summer of Code For OpenMRS: this year’s projects , and will be included in the OpenMRS annual report 2022 in the coming days.

Best regards, Daud

/cc: @jennifer @herbert24 @grace


Thank you everyone for this great experience. :heart: Feel free to contact me for any help with the Android Client project!


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I was able to learn so many things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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