GSoC 2019- Replace LegacyUI with OWA

Hey! @ssmusoke @ruhanga I’m very much interested in the project to replace the LegacyUI features with OWAs. I would love to be part of this initiative as this project strikes a chord for me.

I’m a second year Computer Science undergrad at National Institute of Technology,AP,India. I have had a wholesome experience dealing with java,python,c++ and various other languages. I’m well adept at web -technologies like HTML,CSS, JS,Bootstrap,Semantic UI,React Native,PHP, MySQL& NoSQL, REST API which would be of help to get this project done. I’m open for any learning needed for this project.

I’ve come across GSoC’19 a few days ago through a acquaintance and I’ve been trying to get to know OpenMRS better over these couple of days. I absolutely love the medical field and i can’t get enough of the coding world.Hence my choice-OpenMRS . I’ve been hooked to contributing to this organization and look forward to keep doing the same. Ever since I’ve been coding in here i’m ecstatic and all pumped up. I’m really upset i didn’t come across this earlier. I wish to give my best in whatever time is left. Hope you will guide me through this journey.! Thanking you:slightly_smiling_face:!


Glad to have you on-board @yuvaneeth :slight_smile:, Welcome.

Hoping you have gone through this topic, and GSoC resource already, your proposal is welcome up till the extended date, 9th April.

Here is a guide to writing your proposal. Wish you all the best, and good luck. :slight_smile:


hey! Thanks!I’ve gone through the mentioned links .:slight_smile: Could i have more resources and details about the project?

You can find the legacy UI module on github and open tickets/issues to contribute to, on Jira to get acquaintance with the project, I believe you have already gotten started with development.

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