GSoC 2019 - Location Based Access Control- Phase 2 - Final Presentation

Primary Mentor: @suthagar23

Backup Mentor: @dkayiwa

Student: Vankineeni Tawrun

Project Link:


OpenMRS needs location based restrictions like privilege level access restrictions. So the Location based access control(LBAC) should provide a restriction mechanism to restrict user access only to the logged-in location of the authenticated user. That way, if someone is logged in a certain location, they should see only those encounters, observations, and patients registered in that location. In the previous year, the first phase of the module was developed and in this year new features are implemented.


  1. Automating the LABC module installation. (COMPLETED)
  2. Modify the current implementation to add multiple location access to a user. (COMPLETED)
  3. Enable encounter access based on patient location. (COMPLETED)
  4. Manage location-based restrictions based on user roles. (COMPLETED)
  5. Create a REST endpoint to show/edit the configurations of LBAC. (COMPLETED)
  6. Add location restrictions to Reporting-REST, and Reference metadata modules. (REMOVED)
  7. Create a dashboard for LBAC module. (COMPLETED)


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Final Blog Post

Release v0.2.0

Mid-term Presentation

Future Works

  • Find a way to Add Location restrictions to the reporting rest Module.

Learning through the GSoC

Well, this was my first time participating in GSoC, and it has been fun working with Openmrs. I have worked with Java, Spring, and Angular during the project time, and got a lot of experience for the better programming and about the quality of the code.

Not forgetting the interactive community on irc and talk that was always there for any blockers and help. My mentor Suthagar has been always there for helping with the issue Guidance for me through out the GSoC’19, I would specially Thank him.

It’s not all about code but the quality and maintainability of the code that matters…

Thanks for Org Admin @suthagar23, @irenyak1 for making this GSoC period go smooth, making things clear with guidance and being helpful.

Thank You OpenMRS.

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Welcome @vankineenitawrun, and thank you for making the effort to complete this project. I hope you will stick around the OpenMRS community for more contribution. It has been nice working with you during this summer. All the best :fireworks: