Location Based Access Control v0.2.0 Release

Hello Community,

As part of my GSoC project worked on Location Based Access Control Module, We have released the second version.


Release Notes - Location Based Access Control - Version 0.2.0


  • [LBAC-21] - Migrate the private advice classes to public classes and modify the className based on the content
  • [LBAC-29] - Refactor SearchAdvisers to increase readability and extensibility of these classes
  • [LBAC-31] - Refracting test classes to follow conventional way of assertEquals
  • [LBAC-32] - LocationUtils Tests
  • [LBAC-33] - Add one or more access locations to a user.
  • [LBAC-37] - Enable encounter access based on patient location
  • [LBAC-38] - Global Property for Every Entity Restriction


  • [LBAC-26] - AOPContextSensitiveTest doesn't support Interceptors without 0-arg constructor
  • [LBAC-27] - Need to add exception for getPersonAttributeTypeByUuid method in PersonServiceInterceptorAdvice
  • [LBAC-30] - Wrong use of assertNotNull in EncounterSearchAdviserTest

New Feature

  • [LBAC-20] - Automating the module installation requirements
  • [LBAC-28] - Adding a PR template to openmrs-module-locationbasedaccess repository
  • [LBAC-34] - Location-based restrictions based on the user roles
  • [LBAC-43] - Adding of OWA page to show the information of user/encouters/patients
  • [LBAC-44] - End Points to get count of patient,encounter and user Location wise.


  • [LBAC-6] - Adding Unit tests for Assign Patients to locations functions
  • [LBAC-22] - Adding Unit tests for EncounterSearchAdviser Class
  • [LBAC-23] - Adding Unit tests for LocationSearchAdviser Class
  • [LBAC-24] - Adding Unit tests for PersonSearchAdviser Class
  • [LBAC-25] - Adding Unit tests for UserSearchAdviser Class


  • [LBAC-39] - Migration of Patients to a Location
  • [LBAC-40] - show the Required module for LBAC
  • [LBAC-41] - LBAC On/OFF feature

Deployment Steps for the Location based access control module can be found here :


I would like to request the community to download and test this module and give your feedback.

cc: @suthagar23, @dkayiwa.


@vankineenitawrun wel done here!!

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