GSOC 2019: Condition List (MVP)

@haripriya do you have any real implementation site that has this use case?

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@dkayiwa Atlassian uses this feature, to import data to JIRA. Other sites like Drupal and Wordpress also have this in implementation. I noticed there is a module for data import in OpenMRS but is not yet completely functional.

@haripriya i would not recommend adding a feature simply because Atlassian, Drupal, Wordpress, and others are using it. The reasoning behind is that, we have actual existing use cases that real implementing sites have requested and we have not yet developed them. Because of the limited developer resources, we would not divert them to features that no site has requested for.

It is more likely data would be imported using a standard such as FHIR or CDA.

Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI

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@dkayiwa Out of curiosity, I would like to know about the features that were requested. I will be grateful if you could provide some details on this :slight_smile:

Did you look at the GSoC project wiki page?

I do like this idea @haripriya , but this isn’t currently a request by our users. It’s possible to come up as we start using condition list at point-of-care, but that’s an assumption. Diagnoses have been captured for 6 years and with 300K+ patients. The clinicians would like to start using condition list and easily populate from past diagnoses. I can see a few ways to simplify this without requiring the clinicians to set all these manually with the condition list UI:

  • Export a file from OpenMRS (patient_id, diagnosis/concept_id/uuid, and first date of diagnosis). @akanter suggests FHIR or CDA standard format. Import the file.
  • If this is used within a single OpenMRS instance, there would be no need for external files.
  • Provide clinician UI to confirm that the patient should have that condition/date.

For example, we have patients diagnosed with sickle cell. It would be a help for our clinical sickle cell expert to easily migrate information for multiple patients.

This could be a great extra-credit for Condition List, but not designed, required, or requested (as of now).

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