GSoC 2018 - Final Evaluations

To all GSoC students, thanks one and all for your participation and contributions to GSoC 2018! Please take note that the final round of project evaluations opens next week Monday, 6th August. We require students to complete ALL of the following before mentors begin their evaluations on August 14th.

Single link to your project

As part of the final evaluation, you will be asked to provide a link to the work you’ve done for the program. We ask that you create a new blog post using the format provided at the end of this post and provide that as your final link in the evaluation. You can find examples of blog posts from GSoC 2017 if you go into each project and click on GET THE CODE to see the links used.

Once you submit your final evaluation, you can not change it. You should share your link with your mentor BEFORE submitting your evaluation to make sure it’s okay.

Final presentation Talk post

As well as adding a final blog post, students will need to post a new topic on OpenMRS Talk, titled ‘GSoC 2018 - Project Title - Final Presentation’, using the same format and details as your blog post, and make sure to tag these with #gsoc2018-finaleval and #gsoc2018. You can also have a look at examples of GSoC 2017 final presentations to see what’s expected.

Update project wiki page

Please make sure to update the project page on the OpenMRS wiki with details of what was completed, any relevant links to code repositories and/or other resources, and importantly, clarify if there is still any outstanding work to be done on the project. One of the aims here is to move pages over to the Completed Projects section, but we need details on the status of each project first.

After action review

As part of the GSoC 2018 wrap up, we’d like to set up a call opened to all students to better understand your experiences (good and bad) working with OpenMRS this year. Details of this call will go out soon, but will take place after final evaluations are complete, during the week of 13-17 August.

Project Summary Template

Project Title

  • Primary mentor:
  • Backup mentor:
  • Student:
  • Project wiki: link


A few paragraphs describing the project and the work you’ve completed. If there is still work to be done on the project, include that too.


What were the primary (and additional) objectives of the project?


Where can we find the code that you worked on? i.e. links to all relevant code repositories and/or pull requests and/or commits.


Additional links to other key resources and documentation such as google docs, Talk posts, mid-term video presentations, Jira projects etc.

Thoughts on GSoC

How was your experience working with OpenMRS on GSoC in 2018? What did you expect of the program, what actually happened in the program, what did you enjoy/not enjoy, and what can OpenMRS do to improve things for next time?


Final evaluations are now open for students, and should be completed, along with a final presentation Talk post and updated project wiki page, by the 14th August.


Hi All,

Please take note that a GSoC 2018 - After Action Review has been proposed, and will take place on Monday 27 August at 4pm UTC.

This is an open forum and all are welcome to join in and share their experiences as we reflect and discuss how to apply new learnings to making next year’s program a success.

@danfuterman because i may forget this, am mentioning it here such that we keep it on the list of the items to review. What leads to the case where both the primary and backup mentors of a project are not able to submit the Google evaluations, to the point where an org admin (who has not been following the student as closely as the project mentors) is forced to do it. How can we prevent this going forward? By having less projects with more committed mentors? Or something else? For cases where this has happened, can we talk to the particular project mentors (primary and backup) and ask them what could have been done to prevent such a situation?

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i think the primary mentor needs to somehow speak to the backup mentor all through and perhaps suggest when he will be busy so that he/she can fill in the evaluations. in other-wards there needs to be consistent communication between the 2 mentors perhaps once a month fully required by the GSoC admin. this would avoid this, otherwise backup mentors may be highly excluded the way things are ATM except if they make themselves active which may prove a challenge considering how busy everyone is.

Makes a lot of sense! Thanks @k.joseph :smile:

Final results of the Google Summer of Code 2018 has been released just before, It can be found through this GSoC Dashboard link below,

Congratulations everyone who passed in the GSoC 18 and Great thanks for the mentors, Admins and the community.