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Title: Adding end-to-end test automation to OpenMRS applications

Description: Several times a year we run a suite of front-end tests to validate core scenarios in the Esaude POC. We run these tests manually which requires a dedicated team and several months of work. During the spring of 2018 we developed an end-to-end automation tests framework–using CodeceptJS and puppeteer–to run tests automatically. Since then we’ve automated several tests in our suite to run in under 5 mins total, tests that previously took hours to run manually. We think this work is important because it will allow us to validate core scenarios much more frequently–on a daily basis before new code is checked in rather than on a quarterly basis–which should result in less regressions and more time for new features. We still have quite a bit of work to do, but would like to present what we have done so far in hopes it resonates with others in the community.

Goal: Present our end-to-end automation framework and discuss ways that it can be improved upon and used by others members of the OpenMRS commuity.

Required attendees: @valvijo @janflowers @ningosi @asacur

Desired time: Early Aug

cc: @jthomas @burke


I would like to suggest a design call to look at Ampath Form Builder technology and lessons learned implementing it as part of the process of working towards Point of Care + Retrospective Entry - Advice, Experiences and Best Practices

Needed @jdick Nicky Kimaina @darius @slubwama @slubwama1

@ddesimone @mogoodrich - would love to hear how this compares with your experience with Bhamni forms

@mksd @mksrom Ideas and comments given your current working with Bhamni Forms

Hi, can we have a Design Call tomorrow June 25 for data model or other design questions for the Oncology module we are building as part of the 3 week IBM Health Corps engagement?

We are midway through the engagement and it’s important to get through some of these questions as soon as possible. We will post something for review tomorrow morning. Sorry for the short notice.

I would be great to have: @ddesimone @mseaton @mogoodrich @burke @darius @jdick @jteich

Thanks! Dave


Those watching this post would love to get your thoughts on Issues Arranging Design Forum Calls

title: clinical decision support using (Snake disease model) and linking it to the signs and symptoms and treatment and cure from the disease that the patient has. description: snake disease model has a template like the one in these episodes: desired attendees: clinical informaticists desired timing: whenever appropriate :slight_smile:

Title: Google Summer of Code 2018 - After Action Review

Description: GSoC 2018 has come to an end, and it’s time to reflect on this year’s program and all the great contributions made by students and mentors alike, as well as looking forward to GSoC 2019 and how we can apply new learnings to making next year’s program a success.

Required attendee(s): @burke, @c.antwi, any #gsoc2018 mentors and students, and NB: anyone interested in administrating GSoC (or other OpenMRS internship programs) in future.

Desired Timing: Monday 27th August


Title: More patientSearch filters such as age and gender


Required Attendees: @darius, @dkayiwa, @wyclif

Desired dates: 5, 10, 12 september

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Hi @jthomas,

I’d like to propose this design call:

  1. Title. How do we define an “active” order as a search parameter for the Order service?
  2. Description. We propose adding a new service method to allow searching for orders across multiple criteria, like “includeInactive”. How do we define an active order and what is the best way to implement search based on it? Related ticket:
  3. Required attendee(s). @mogoodrich, @darius, @burke
  4. Desired timing. September 12th or 17th

Thanks, Dominic


Title: EHR UX Re-Design. Concept Demo.

Description: At AMPATH we are in the process of creating a concept re-design of our EHR user interface.

This will help provide a common framework and goal to move towards as we build new features.

The EHR is growing from the needs of outpatient HIV care, to serve multiple clinic types. An all purpose EHR design is needed.

Users have expressed the need for something that is very easy to use. It has to run on tablet, Chromebook, and phone. It has to be able to separate data and workflows by system (eg HIV, Diabetes), while at the same time be able to seamlessly provide care to patients with multiple issues at once. As an internist I am particularly interested in the ability to multitask and view high density patient data while concurrently writing orders & notes. The interface has to easily scale with minimal configuration as new clinic types and workflows are added.

Goal: We are looking for feedback from the community on the mockups, so that we can continue to improve them before building an interactive prototype.

Required attendee(s): All interested. if available: @burke @mseaton darius

Desired timing: Is there a time slot between Sept 26 - Oct 3rd?

cc: jthomas, jdick Thank you

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Title : Improving on Memory Management in the mergepatientdata module.

Description : I feel we have a lot of memory leaks on how the mergepatientdata module manages data. I’m looking towards the best way we could implement streaming of data since this module handles lots of Patient and their metadata. Maybe we could also raise ideas of solving Overriding default multipart file size in Openmrs module dev. This could help to solve/prevent outOfMemory issues.

Required Attendees: @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke , @darius

Desired dates: I beg for a slot between Sept 17 - 26 !

cc: @jthomas

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  1. Title. Review and discuss object mappings mentioned in Sync 2.0 FHIR Object Mapping.

  2. Description. Go through the draft proposals for FHIR object mappings for Sync available as child pages under: Review mappings and gather technical feedback. Discuss usage of FHIR extensions.

  3. Required attendee(s). @darius @dkayiwa @wyclif @burke @mseaton @SolDevelo

  4. Desired timing. Next available slot. (The sooner the better)

Resolving design inconsistencies in Cohort Membership (TRUNK-5379)

There are various design inconsistencies in the CohortMembership model that need resolution as described in TRUNK-5379. We will use time in the design forum to walk through these inconsistencies and aim, by the end of the call, to create or identify ready-for-work tickets to resolve them.

Required attendees: @mogoodrich, @burke, @wyclif and/or @dkayiwa, @darius. All others interested are welcome!

Desired timing: Within the next few weeks. Maybe favor a Wednesday forum, leaving Mondays available for topics w/ more required attendees in Africa/Asia timezones… but doesn’t really matter.

We need a design call to help @reubenv with the RefApp 2.9 release in order to help him with RefApp 2.9 issue tracking.

  1. Title: Helping unblock Reference Application 2.9 release

  2. Description: The issue tracking page has been carried forward for several releases and has gotten outdated (e.g., module ownership). Reuban (release manager) does not have the information he needs to decide on which modules to prioritize for RefApp 2.9 or who the correct contact for getting modules released. Darius & Burke did an initial pass at cleaning up the ownership information. We need to gather a group of seasoned developers to help decide on what can be feasibly done to get RefApp 2.9 released soon. The goal of this meeting is to provide @reubenv with a clear path forward for module changes to include with RefApp 2.9 .

  3. Required attendee(s): @reubenv, @burke, @darius, @dkayiwa. Would like to have @mogoodrich and/or @mseaton, @ssmusoke, and any module owners or prospective module owners who can join.

  4. Desired timing: Next available time slot where we can get a quorum.

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  1. Title: Updating OpenMRS Radar data (

  2. Description: We have not updated the OpenMRS Radar in 2018. We could use a design call to review & update the radar data. Any developers or technical implementers with experience & opinions about the message our community should be sending regarding the adoption or retirement of programming languages, modules/distributions, platforms, or standards/conventions are encouraged to join.

  3. Required attendee(s): We need to have at least 4-5 devs present to be productive. The more, the merrier. I’d suggest we use the scheduling post first to determine interest and then can do a Doodle poll.

  4. Desired timing: In November 2018

  1. Title. Architecture proposal: Modules and Verticals
  2. Description. I’ve drafted a proposal for OpenMRS architecture, about which there is an ongoing talk thread. I advocate defining a single, universal configuration mechanism. This will encourage better software practices, make OpenMRS easier to use, and strengthen the community’s ability to support it.I’m soliciting community feedback so that it can evolve to be something with enough force and buy-in behind it to make it happen.
  3. Required attendee(s). All interested. Would be good to have the folks from the talk thread, @mksd, @mogoodrich, @dkayiwa, @mseaton . Also @burke and @darius if available.
  4. Desired timing. Next available slot.
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on Febuary 18 2019 @najme will be presenting her work on "An OpenMRS Distribution focusing on Cystic Fibrosis, of which discussions have been going on here: An OpenMRS distribution

She will share more details on the presentation in the coming days.


I’d like to propose this design call:

Title: An OpenMRS Distribution focusing on Cystic Fibrosis

Description : We are a team (the Representative of Iran Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Association) with high creative performance, working on clinical data of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) professionally. Our focus is on design a platform (CF package) for patients and providers to help them and improve the quality of life of this group of patients. CF package includes some main parts such as professional registry; monitor and follow-up of patients; correlative analysis on image, sequencing (NGS), transcriptomics, proteomics, and fluxomics; predictive analysis based on correlative analysis via machine learning, expert systems, and intelligence artificial algorithms. Any developers or technical implementers with experience and opinions regarding the adoption or retirement of programming languages, modules/distributions, platforms, or standards/conventions are encouraged to join.

Goal: We are looking for feedback from the community on our project, so that we can continue to improve it before building an interactive prototype.

Required attendee(s) : All interested. if available: @darius, @c.antwi, @jthomas, @mksd, @mogoodrich, @mseaton, @ssmusoke, @burke, @dkayiwa

Desired timing: February 18, 2019

Thanks, Najme

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