Merge Patient data from Multiple Installations Project

@samuel34 we need to fill the gap for this specific use cases so that you do not have to build everything from scratch

Your right. Maybe its cause of my little understanding that I’m still blinded. I’m probably thinking within the box. But as for now, we caught up within the middle of the sea. So lets sway in the direction that we shall deliver at the end of the day. @ssmusoke

Finished working on mapping concepts heading to mapping Obs

cc:@ssmusoke , @dkayiwa

Week 10 update @ssmusoke

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@ssmusoke here is the dataset I would like to depend on

@ssmusoke and @dkayiwa please read this update and save a soul :flushed:

Did you get past this?

I think am good, except with this limitation.

One cannot tell so from that thread.

Why @dkayiwa, did I present my issue poorly?

“Overriding the default multipart file size” does not look like a problem any more.

I said its a limitation :smile:

Hey @ssmusoke, don’t you think we could swap the code to the Openmrs repo?

cc: @dkayiwa

Since you are the only one working on it for now, it is fine keeping it in your public repository.

The module is a state where its blocked by its dependencies.

Currently the module assumes that metadata like Concepts is similar in all instances. But to achieve this, we use tools like metadatasharing module. However, there is a know issue like duplicate Concepts that make exporting this data impossible. Good enough there is the Validation module in place, but this module is in a state that it still needs lots of work like adding support for platform 2.x. I started that here

cc: @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa

I guess you eventually got over this. Not so?

This was solved

I’m gonna use this as my final report/blog for gsoc

please first review it whether its worth it :smile:

cc: @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa

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@samuel34 Thanks for sharing this for review. Can you please check to make sure the post is in line with the Project Summary Template format in GSoC 2018 - Final Evaluations. I don’t see sections for Project Title, Thoughts on GSoC, and can you update the Code section to be Contributions, and make sure that, in addition to installation steps, it’s clear about the specific code that you contributed to the project.

Also, great job on the module wiki page, can you also please update the project wiki page to summarise the current state of the project and add a link to the module wiki page from there.

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Thanks @danfuterman for your quick reviews. Just updated my report.