GSCoC 2018 / 'Attachments enhancements'

Hi ,

Thank you very much for selecting me to working with attachment module. :slight_smile: I am very happy to work with you and OpenMRS community . Sorry for sending you a private msg again. But i would like to know that do i need to create a new thread/topic continue with the existing topic or further works ?

Thank You.

Great Ridmal, well done!

I have invited @ahmed14 who is the official backup mentor and @zouchine who will also support this project at times when I’m completely unavailable. We can use the current thread to share non-public information between us. So this shouldn’t happen much, if ever. Except for subjects like below:

I will mostly be unavailable from ~May 15 for one month as I will be on paternity leave. You should get support from the above two co-mentors, as well as from the rest of the community during that time.

Regarding public threads, I think it is better to open up a new thread per technical topic, if possible. I don’t find super long threads the most helpful, people just want to scroll down to the “solution”. Better have shorter threads that address a set of specific questions. Now don’t get paranoid about that, it doesn’t matter so much as long as technical ideas, questions and solutions are shared openly, that’s the bottom line.

Thanks again, looking forward to enhancing ‘Attachments’ with you!


Thank you @mksd for your information.

Hi @ahmed14 and @zouchine , Thanks for deciding to support me with this project. It will be pleasure to work with you.

I will go through the attachment module code base to become more familiar with that. Are there any additional resources to get more information about attachment module ?

No not really, there is no specific documentation about the module. You will certainly have questions, in which case please open Talk threads for that.

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Ok i will , And what about the plan. What issues i need to finished first ? ( Any changes for my proposal ? )

Can we get a call for discuss the plan about works need to be done in 1st evaluation period ? It will be very helpful for me.

And @mksd i sent a PR for ATT-9 , Could you please review it and give me a feedback. :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggesting a call @ridmal, I was about to do so too! Can everyone share on what timezone they are? @zouchine and I are on CEST (so UTC+2).

What about you @ahmed14?

@mksd ,

mine is UTC+5 .

My timezone is UTC + 5.5.

Could you also all try to make yourselves available on IRC Freenode on #openmrs?

I’m usually there as mksd or mks-d.

So I’m assuming here that @ridmal is on IST (UTC+5.5) and @ahmed14 on PKT (UTC+5).

I would like to suggest that we hop on a “strategy” call about Attachments roadmap ahead of v2.0 this Wednesday on:

11.30am 2.30pm 3.00pm

Does that work for everyone?

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Yes i will be available in that time slot.

it works for me .

Hi all, I have too many calls already today, I realise that I can’t attend. Can we push this till tomorrow same time?

I am ok with that. .:slight_smile:

Could anyone of you share your Skype ID? (Assuming Skype is ok.)

skyp ID - ridmal19 ( Ridmal Madushanka Liyanagamage )

my skype id is