Google Code-in 2019 Student and Mentor meet and greet

Hi all,


Welcome to all OpenMRS participants for Google Code-in 2019.

OpenMRS community is very excited to get to know about you and create a greet among us during the contest. So please introduce your self to the OpenMRS community by answering these questions below, ( DON’T POST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION HERE )

  1. What are interesting facts about Google Code-in and/or OpenMRS which you found so far?
  2. Did you participate in Google Code-in during the previous years? If yes, what are those Orgs?
  3. What do you expect from OpenMRS?

We look forward to getting to know you and all the other participants over the next few months! The OpenMRS community is waiting to work with you and help you to get more knowledge and experience from the Google Code-in. So don’t hesitate to ask any issues regarding the contest. You can contact any of our mentors to talk and clarify your issues.

P.S : Please use this thread only for introductions and keep conversations on the GCI telegram channel.


  • Don’t include your personal information like names, age, date of birth, address, school information, etc
  • Don’t share your personal emails or passwords in any of this place
  • Don’t post your personal ideas, future plans in the public forums
  • If you need any helps, please contact any of us before posting any of your information.


Don’t forget to complete your first task in the GCI dashboard. Search for "FIRST TASK : Become a fully fledged member of the OpenMRS community"



And so it begins. Good luck to the other contestants, and have fun!

  1. OpenMRS is primarily written in Java, my “first language”.
  2. Unfortunately no, only heard about it this year.
  3. An awesome community where I can write code and save lives :wink:

Hi, I’m prathamesh_m009, excited to start GCI 2019 with OpenMRS :partying_face:

  • The best thing about OpenMRS lies in it’s tagline “Write Code, Save Lives”, what can be more better than saving lives with your code? And talking about GCI, it isn’t just a contest but a platform to learn and contribute to open-source softwares, for many it’s their first interaction with open-source and that’s what makes OpenMRS and GCI special.
  • Yes, I participated in GCI 2018 from OpenMRS itself, but I couldn’t contribute much apart from some design based tasks. But this year I learned to code, got myself into the OpenMRS community and I hope I’ll able to contribute more this year(Infact, already started). :wink:
  • I’m looking forward to meet some amazing people along the journey of GCI 2019 and together make our community even greater.

Cheers :tada:


Hello everyone - just joined in. Looking forward to lots of engaging learning and making awesome friends in the same field.


Hi, I am arnavj and I am all set to kick start GCI 2019 with OpenMRS.

  1. Google Code-In is a great initiative for students around the world to share ideas and work on one big project. OpenMRS plays the role of a catalyst in this process.

  2. No, I did not participate in Google Code-In during the previous years. :frowning_face:

  3. I really look forward to becoming a part of OpenMRS. I think by the end of Google Code-In, I would have really developed overall.

Catch you on Telegram! :raised_hands:


Ello There The name goes by Abhishek AB but i like it in reverse, kehsihba :smile_cat:

I don’t want to go with a cliche introduction speech on why i joined but yeah, the story is that my mom is dealing with a really bad disease and OpenMRS fits perfectly to me, doing something good for the medical field with my limited knowledge in programming/design may create a slight change,but yeah,it’s a change nah?and if that makes my mom happy , i’d go for it.Let’s Write Codes and Save Lives.

  • The Best thing about GCI is that we get to meet a lot of new people who share the same idealogy and think alike.The best part of OpenMRS is that it helps save lives , which makes it stand out from the rest.

  • GCI 2017 and for LibreHealth and OpenMRS

  • A community , that thinks alike , in saving lives , by coding .

This is my second and probably my final year at attempting GCI and let’s do the best we can , right? and cheers to a healthy and fun competition

Thanks, Abhishek A.B.


Hi, I’m Vítek! :smile:

  • I love the fact that I can actually help save lives by participating in GCI. I also found interesting how complex the community around OpenMRS is: The wiki, the IRC channel, the OpenMRS ID, …
  • This is my first year taking part in GCI.
  • I expect the tasks by OpenMRS to be challenging, and I want to get feedback on my work. I’m a perfectionist, so I want my contributions to OpenMRS to be as good as they can be, which I need feedback for.

Hi guys, my name is Rohit Mukund and I’m currently a junior in high school in New Jersey. Can’t wait to work with you guys, and good luck to all!

  1. Some interesting facts I’ve learned about GCI is how numerous organizations want to give students a change to gain experience in working on specific tasks for companies/organizations. This prepares the students for the real world and the jobs they are to take in the future. I also learnt that many international companies are implementing OpenMRS themselves at national scale. This shows the global impact of OpenMRS.
  2. I participated in GCI last year for JBoss Community.
  3. I expect to learn a lot more about the objective of OpenMRS and how they strive to make the world a better place. I’m prepared to take the challenges that come for me and can’t wait to start completing these tasks

Hi guys! My name is Manu Gupta, and I’m very excited to help save people genuinely in need of healthcare :ambulance:.

  1. Isn’t it really cool that there are localization features implemented in OpenMRS? I found it very interesting how OpenMRS crosses lingual barriers by allowing people who speak different languages to see the same data. I also thought it was pretty cool how ‘complex’ data can be stored in OpenMRS meaning that if I need to format something important that maybe the software didn’t take into account for, I can still do so using the complex data feature. The flexibility of this software is amazing and it was all because of GCI that I am now able to part of such an wonderful community.
  2. I have never participated in GCI, but I hope this year will teach me a lot about how open source projects work.
  3. I can only imagine how the community must be in OpenMRS. I expect there to be a highly involved community who love solving challenges while saving lives because there really isn’t anything better than that!

I still can’t believe that I am going to play a role in changing people’s lives where malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases run rampant! Good luck to all!


Hi, I’m Dan and I’m really looking forward to experiencing GCI with OpenMRS!

This is my first time doing it, I hope it’ll be fun and allow me to build on my skills. I expect that OpenMRS will be an amazing community of great people all working together to save lives, and I’ll be really happy to code in java, my first language :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I’m Ribhav(ribhavsharma), A 16 year old android developer and designer. I participated in Google Code-In last year too. Last year I didn’t really read about all the organisations. But the tagline of OpenMRS, that is “Write Code, Save Lives”, is very interesting in itself. I’m really looking forward to working with the organisation. The main thing that makes me wait for GCI to begin each year is the spark for open source, around the world, that we get to see.



Long live Open Source :partying_face:


Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I am ready to participate in my first year of GCI!

  1. An interesting fact about GCI is how much opportunity there is to participate. You can do tasks through making pull requests, writing blogs and tutorials, making videos and even making designs.
  2. I did not participate in GCI last year.
  3. I am really looking forward to learning more about how I can help support health care in developing countries through software.

Good luck to everyone! :smiley:



@permissionerror, @prathamesh009, @afreen1429, @arnavj, @kehsihba, @kokolem, @roku234, @pl9870, @dan123c, @ribhavsharma and @tencups we are glad to have you in this community and we wish you luck in your GCI program.


Howdy! This is my first GCI contest and I’m very excited to start and work with a great organization OpenMRS.

  1. The top used languages in OpenMRS are Java, JavaScript and TypeScript.
  2. No, I didn’t participate in previous contests.
  3. I’d like to find like-minded people and take a part in unusual tasks.

Continuing the discussion from Google Code-in 2019 Student and Mentor meet and greet:

  1. The most interesting i found about the Google Code-in is its way of working and promoting young ones towards open source program developments. In this era of technology, all the technologies are worth money and some are very expensive, which a simple student or learner cant afford. Here comes open source to those who are worth it but cant afford and its a good initiative of Google Code-in to increase the craze of Open Source in teen programmers, designers and researchers. I think Open MRS is also created by same intentions, helping the people who deserve it but cant afford and make their life easier by means of technology. It wants to be there where it has to be.
  2. Yes i have participated in GCI, last year luckily for Open MRS.
  3. I expect that OpenMRS will be the one what it want to be “A Life Savior” by writing Codes.

Hi I’m Joe.

  1. OpenMRS is really cool because it is doing good things for people around the world with code. Google Code-in is a nice program because it helps people who are interested in Open Source get involved.
  2. I have not participated in Google Code-in before.
  3. I look forward to becoming involved with an open source community like OpenMRS.
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Hello, I am rkunds and this is my first year with Google Code In and Open MRS. I had never heard of Open MRS before this event and I quickly learned that this organization is really interesting and beneficial towards the health of many people. Through this challenge, I hope that this organization allows me to further my outreach into the community and improve my skills in coding and collaboration. I also want to be able to help people through this organization.

Hello, I’m Prm and excited to start 2019 GCI!

  1. I love how OpenMRS is contributing so deeply in saving lives in developing countries, and better, with Code! It is about how we are helping those people needing help right from our computers.

  2. My first time in Google Code-in.

  3. Looking forward to learning new things and earning new and valuable experiences

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  1. OpenMRS is being used world wide. GCI gives kids a chance to work with many different organizations.
  2. This is my first year doing GCI.
  3. I’m looking forward to being a part of a great coding community.
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Hey everyone! I’m Ayushi and I’m excited to start gci!

  1. What caught my eye about OpenMRS was that it helps people in developing countries with medical problems using code which isn’t usually thought of.
  2. This is my first time with GCI.
  3. I’m looking forward to practicing my design skills and working on my coding skills. I also hope that I can help people by working with everyone!
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