GCI Participant Badge no longer granted

Hii community, going through the GCI participant badge, I noticed that after 2015 we’ve stopped granting the badge by tracking the reply at Student and Mentor meet and greet topic.

It would be better if we change it to track GCI 2019 meet and greet topic, so that this badge can again be granted to the participants

Badge: https://talk.openmrs.org/badges/120/gci-participant

Topic: Google Code-in 2019 Student and Mentor meet and greet

Thank You :smile:

cc: @suthagar23 @dkayiwa @cintiadr @Leadership

@ cintiadr (You’ve already been pinged in the first post) - I am happy to help make this happen, it’d also be good for gaining some discourse configuration experience.

He’s already been pinged, I think it isn’t okay to ping someone multiple times for same thing, please avoid doing that :slight_smile:

Sorry @prathamesh009

Great, We can work on this after the contest.

2015 was a long time ago :slight_smile:

It would have to be implemented from scratch, I don’t even know if it was automatic or manual to start with.

So I don’t know if that’s possible or not. @permissionerror I’m quite happy for you to investigate that, but we don’t have a staging discourse.

@cintiadr That is a good point. I can possibly spin up a local instance of discourse, and figure out the badge granting logics there. Then, we can deploy it.

Alternatively, according to Discourse documentations a way to grant badges automatically is writing SQL queries that selects the members that meet a certain criteria. I’m fairly sure that only writing SELECT queries wouldn’t hurt a production instance.

Btw, It might be a huge effort since there are a lot of students (more than 450) who participated in the Google Code-in and around 100 of those students registered with OpenMRS Talk. It’s a very large number compared to the GCI 2015 :smile: That’s might be a reason to avoid this badge after GCI 2015.

By the way, We may think about grating a badge for GCI Winners which might be a reasonable and manageable amount in the coming years also.

@suthagar23 I think similar badge can be granted to GCI mentors because mentors are less as compared to students. :grin: Just like there is for GSoC mentors

This seems more feasible thing to do, we should consider doing this

Yes, we have 24 mentors this year, even this can be considered

Yes, it seems like a big effort. However, if we don’t do it, it’s kinda unfair for GCI Students after 2016. Just because 2016-2019 had more participants doesn’t mean the students were any less deserving of a badge than the GCI 2015 students. I suggest that we either grant it to all GCI students, or remove it altogether.

I am entirely supportive of the Winners & Mentors idea by Suthagar and Devansh, that sounds awesome. There’s not much I can do there since those can’t be automated.