Google Code-in 2018 Student and Mentor meet and greet

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(Muhammad Khairul Amirin bin Yaacob) #105
  1. I join Google Code-in this year because I want to gain new experience in programming. Prizes are not really important compared to experience and knowledge.

  2. No, I did not. This year is the first time for me to join this program

  3. I hope I can gain a lot of precious knowledge and experience from OpenMRS. This is because mentors are totally great and cool😊

(Juliet Wamalwa) #106

Welcome to the community and we look forward for your contribution.

(Qasim Khan) #107
  • One of the interesting facts about OpenMRS is that many governments are officially implementing the OpenMRS project in their medical systems.

  • This is my first year participating in GCI but unfortunately, it’s also the last :sweat: But I will make sure to continue my journey with OpenMRS in GSoC 2019

  • I only expect that I can learn as much as possible about OpenMRS and Open source development through the tasks in GCI so I can advance my experience as a student developer

(Juliet Wamalwa) #108

Glad to have you in this community and we look forward for your contribution.

(Daniel Kayiwa) #109

@qasimk313 for the coming years, you can still participate in GCI as a mentor. :smile:

(Ploypiti Piyaprapan) #110

Hi, I’m Meghan and this is my second year of GCI, excited to contribute in the openMRS community :slight_smile:

  1. GCI gave me opportunity to discover and work in an open-source project/organization and i’m thankful for that :joy: OpenMRS has an interesting concept of health care software, plus the platform is actually up and working which is pretty cool.

  2. Yeah, Mainly worked for Fossasia last year.

  3. To take a part in the development of openMRS, even though I’m just a small part. Also I’m eager to learn more about open source project and programming in depth. Hope it’s gonna be fun.

(Saurabh Bansal) #111

To All the OpenMRS mentors, Heyyy!! I’m Saurabh from India, I’m an efficient learner and a humble student!

  1. GCI is one of the most important and interesting competitions for me! In this competition, huge international organizations like OpenMRS, Drupal and a lot more present tasks to Make Us Learn in an easy way.
  2. I’ve been participating in GCI since last year. I have completed tasks for OpenWisp, MetaBrainz Foundation, Drupal & Librehealth
  3. I expect OpenMRS to carry forward with their goal and motive on how can Computer Science help the Healthcare & Medical Factors!

(Hrishikesh Patil) #112
  1. Google code-in sprung off from Google Highly Open Participation Contest

    OpenMRS started in 2004

  2. Yes, half of last year’s contest. I could only work with Zulip

  3. I only want you guys to be succesful in what you are trying to achieve

(Eileen Ye) #113

Hi everyone, I’m Eileen and I’m so excited to be joining OpenMRS this year!

  1. I found out that Open MRS uses technology to help real people around the world. I’ve always loved coding and was trying to find a way to use what I’ve learned in the real world to help others, and this is the perfect way for me to do so!
  2. This is my second year participating in Google Code-in. Last year, I was with MetaBrainz Foundation.
  3. I am relatively new to open-source programming and hope to be introduced to it in a friendly and collaborative environment.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #114

@p10yp1t1, @saurabhbansal0412, and @eileeny welcome to openmrs and we look forward for your contribution.

(Kavin Shah) #115

Hi, I am interested to see that google code-in has so many wonderful mentors that check your code and help you to find the solution. This is my first year participating in google code-in. I personally expect OpenMRS to be a place where I can ask for help to guide me to find the solutions for problems.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #116

Hi too hope all is well. Is there any problem? have you raised your issue and no one has helped you? if so sorry about it but I suppose someone has done it or is about to do it. The mentors are doing their level best to ensure your work is reviewed and they have a lot on the table kindly bear with them. The maximum period of time is 36hour after submission is your work beyond that?

(Kavin Shah) #117

No, my work was reviewed before 36 hours passed. However, I appreciate you asking me! Thanks

(Harsha Nikkam) #118

Hello everyone. I am excited to meet you all.

   1. I really liked Google Code-in because students who are passionate about technology can get  
       open source projects through great company like Google and one can improve their skills through an open source community like OpenMRS. Also people who do not have much technical knowledge can 
       complete the tasks in Google Code-in.
   2. No, I had not participated in Google Code-in previously. This is the first time that I participate 
       in Google Code-in.
   3.  I expect that OpenMRS will help me in improving my skills and learn more about open source 

(Juliet Wamalwa) #119

Welcome to the community we wish you the best.

(Mbah Redeem) #121

Hello to the OpenMRS community and mentors. i choose OpenMRS because its an organization that saves lives with code, and it has also help save many lives especially in the developing countries. really proud and wanna contribute to this open source platform and by doing so I’ll enhance my programming skills.

1.It has help save many lives in the developing countries with it facilities 2.Yeah, i worked for JBoss community & OpenMRS. 3. I expect to learn more about open source development from this community and also write codes that saves live. Thanks

(Juliet Wamalwa) #122

Welcome to openmrs we look forward for your contribution.

OpenMRS India Community
(Aryan Malhotra) #123

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I am Aryu. I get to know about OpenMRS through Goocgle code in event. Honestly, I didn’t knew about OpenMRS before. I took a project relating to java inheritance few weeks back and that’s how I joined the community. Later when I took more and more tasks about OpenMRS I get to know more about it. Indeed the tagline “Write Code Save Life” attracts me the most. Earlier I used to think coding for me only means game development, app development, etc. But, I never thought how coding can save lives and I searched about OpenMRS read many articles also about Implementer’s Conference. And yeah, at last it changed my thinking coding not only restricts to games, apps, etc it has a way beyond that.

Yes, I participated in GCI last year with Jboss community but I was not able to keep in track since I lost my grandfather back then.

To be honest, OpenMRS has changed my thinking till now and I believe it will indeed change the thinking of several other coders world wide, that’s what I expect from this community.

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #124

Great to have you in this community. Sorry for what happened last year we wish you success.

(Aryan Malhotra) #125

Thank you, I’ll definitely contribute to this community and try to do my best.