Google Code-in 2018 Student and Mentor meet and greet

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(William Zhang) #84

Thank you! I hope to continue working together with you guys for the rest of the contest.

(Robby O'Connor) #85

Friendly reminder that you should not share personal information of any kind.

(Tanush Guha) #86

Can someone plz review my task (GCI-148) GCI id: PiecesofTangram

(Juliet Wamalwa) #87

Just be patient you will get a feedback in a short while.

(Tanush Guha) #88

Ok thnx for the advice

(Tanush Guha) #89

Need some help. I can not claim or open the task no. GCI-272. Its essential to complete further tasks. Plz help or provide advice to troubleshoot this problem.

(Aleksander Wójtowicz) #90

There is a lot of probably reasons why you can’t claim the task you want. You might:

  • have already assigned another task to you (it’s possible to work at only one at a time),
  • the limit of students who can work at the task simultaneously is reached (the limit is individual for every task, so there are tasks on which only one student can work at a time, while on others the limit is higher),
  • the task was removed (you are using a bookmarked link to a task which is not existing anymore).


(jubel kurian) #91

Hello everyone!!! I’m Jubel Kurian :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am very excited and to join you this year.

when i signed up for taking part in GCI 2018, The first thing i did was to look up at all the participating organisations. And Open MRS was the one which grabbed my attention the most .Ihave been like very keen to know more about how such an idea/concept has been implemented for the world’s good as an organisation!! WOW:AMAZING!! Actually i had lloked upto your website eralier also.

For some school project, i was looking up on the net that how can IT and open sourcing come into help of disaster management and medical documentation. Then I stubled upon

This opened up my interests for knowing more about this and how me as a student can help you.:grinning: This year i feel priviledged to take part in GCI 2018 and take part in completing such engaging, compelling and exciting tasks of yours.

Last year indeed i had taken part in GCI and i had done various tasks for organisations like drupal fossasia, liquid galaxy, osgeo, wikimedia metabrainz, etc. but it was my first time and i could only do few tasks as i got to know about this just 15 days before GCI 2017 was to end!!!:disappointed_relieved:

but this year i tried grabbing this opportunity from starting and being engaged with such an awesome organisation like you… #feeling priviledged :star_struck: By beeing a part of Open MRS, i would like to contribute more for the betterment of humanity, also get to interact and know more about different community members, mentors and share various ideas together!

(Juliet Wamalwa) #92

We are glad you are back to GCI and openmrs community may your dream come to pass. We wish you lack as a community.

(Ramohapi Mahloane) #93


  1. I like the systems that do collect patient level information that are also open source and sustainable
  2. I haven’t participated in GCI before.
  3. I hope we can all collaborate fruitfully together to better maintain and improve OpenMRS

(Juliet Wamalwa) #94

Welcome back to community and we look forward for your contribution.

(anuj gupta) #95

hello everyone. Iam a student and very much interested in learning new skills. Basically i love to do coding and computing.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #96

Welcome to the community are you part of GCI students?

(Fawwaz Yusran) #98

Welcome to OpenMRS! Kindly answer the 3 questions at the top of this thread.

(anuj gupta) #99

I expect from OPENMRS to learn more about collaborating in an open source community and further develop my programming skills.

(Fawwaz Yusran) #100

Great! And is this your first time participating in GCI?

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #101

Hey mentors! We’re also excited to hear more about you :wink:

(Ryan Gao) #102

Hey, I’m Ryan, and I’m really excited to join OpenMRS this year.

I chose OpenMRS because of how innovative it is and how it combines my two fields of interests: medicine, and computer science. I find it really cool to be able to work on a project that helps with delivering health care to developing countries. An interesting fact that I found about OpenMRS is that it has been used to collect data for HIV patients in Africa. I haven’t yet participated in Google Code-in, but I’m excited to do so for the first time! I hope I’ll meet cool people and learn as I contribute to open source tasks!

(Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam) #103

Hi @ryan5168

Welcome to the OpenMRS community. :slight_smile:

(jubel kurian) #104

my open mrs IRC nickname:jubelkurian