Google Code-in 2018 Student and Mentor meet and greet

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(Aakarsh Goyal) #63

I have submitted my work for " Create a flow chart for the given task". Please review it quickly, so that I can work on other projects too.

(Vansh Sharma) #64

Hi to the OpenMRS mentors and the whole community. I’m very interested in OpenMRS because I have always had an interest in the ways that Computer Science can help the healthcare industry and can save the lives of the people.

  1. I link OPENMRS because it provides a great duty to work for the people. I like the most in the community is the slogan of the community that is ’ Write codes, Save lives '. It’s really a wonderful Slogan.

  2. Yes , i have participated in the Google Code-in 2017 . It’s my first time in GCI . As i was new here , i didn’t know much about GCI that how to complete tasks and what are the benefits except the t-shirt. So i didn’t select any specific organisation and keep working on different organisations .The oragnisations were : OPENWISP , CATROBAT .

  3. I except from OPENMRS that OPENMRS would continue to help people by using Computer Science in medical purposes. Also i would like that OPENMRS would also be there in the GCI always…

(Sethu Senthil) #65

Hi, I’m a pre-university student!

  1. I learned that opensource extend far beyond popular npm modules and can extend to the medical field as well.
  2. Yes, I previous year. I joined on the last few days of the competition and I don’t remember the orgs I contributed to. 3)I expect to grow and exercise my programming skills and how I can tune them to help other especially in the medical field.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #66

@sethusenthil, @programmr, @aakarsh, @ant159, @princekr3103 and @gokceduzyol we are glad to have you in this community we wish you luck in GCI .

(Aditya Bisht) #67

Hey guys this is Aditya Bisht from India I am currently in 12th class. I have participated in Google code-in 2018 and this is the first time that I have participated in any coding or open software competition. Honestly I think openMRS is a brilliant organisation and the tasks put up by the mentors are very intriguing. I like the fact that they have provided us options using different languages such as java, java script and Python. Looking forward for a two way communication with the contestants as well as mentors. Enjoying myself here… CHEERS FELLAS :slight_smile:

(Sanjali Ekanayake) #68

I highly appreciate u…:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

OPENMRS SAVE THE WORLD!!!:heart::earth_asia:

(William Zhang) #69

Hi OpenMRS mentors,

  1. I have found that OpenMRS is plays a big role in healthcare in third world countries
  2. No, this is the first time that I am participating in GCI
  3. I hope to make a contribution to open source projects, working together with others and also improving my coding abilities

Also, I don’t know where else to say this, but the IRC link in the OpenMRS page for GCI seems to be broken, thanks

(Nicholas Villa) #70

Hi OpenMRS mentors.

  1. I have learned that OpenMRS is run by volunteers which is great to hear. Also, it surprised me that Google Code-In is almost 10 years old and this is the first time I’ve heard of it.
  2. I did not participate in previous years.
  3. I expect to learn a lot about how open source projects are run and how coding can be used in real world applications.

(Raunaq Singh) #71

Hello OpenMRS mentors! My name is Raunaq and I am very excited to participate in GCI with you.

The fact that OpenMRS’s medical record system platform is open source is interesting due to its amazing potential. This is great because multiple people from all around the world can contribute and make it truly revolutionary. OpenMRS’s global reach shocked me. It has reached all ends of the world and is heavily used in developing countries, showing its utility. I did not know Google Code-in had more than coding tasks, and I expected to be coding a lot for this competition. However, now that I know this, I hope to venture out into other categories and help the organization in other ways as well as coding.

This is my first year participating in Google Code-in.

I expect to work with great mentors and other participants, hopefully learning to collaborate effectively in this open source environment. I also am excited to learn and think creatively to solve tough tasks. My end goal is to help people through technology in a concrete way, and this is what I expect from completing OpenMRS tasks.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #72

@wzcoding, @nicholasv and @reruns welcome to the community and we wish you the best.

(Raunaq Singh) #73

Thank you very much! Looking forward to it.

(Harini Ganabady) #74
  1. I have found that it is important to have open source projects like OpenMRS
  2. Yes, I participated in OSGeo
  3. To help me develop myself and improve the quality of my work

(Rachit Gupta) #75

1.OpenMRS is the most amazing open source project for sharing your ideas,softwares,etc i have ever seen. Moreover the way it worked on to make the EMR system global is brilliant. And GCI is the best platform for young tech tallent to showcase themselves therefore i have chosen OpenMRS as my org in GCI.

2.I didn’t participate in GCI during the previous years.This is my first time. :smile:

3.I expect the mentor of the OpenMRS to guide me whenever required and review my tasks asap so that i can utilise my time well and complete as much tasks as i can. :slight_smile: Looking forward to be a helpful to the OpenMRS community. :wink:

(Nguyen Nhi) #76
  1. OpenMRS was a way to help treat cancer in VietNam
  2. I have never participated in Google Code-In before.
  3. Interesting task. I wish that OpenMRS will keep on introducing and more developing to open source in the future

(Juliet Wamalwa) #77

@harini31 and @rachitttt you are welcome to the community. We wish you the best in GCI.

(Zacharias Chen) #78

1. What are interesting facts about Google Code-in and/or OpenMRS which you found so far?

The OpenMRS core can be modified in accordance to the needs of the users.

2. Did you participate in Google Code-in during the previous years? If yes, what are those Orgs?

No, this is my first year participating in Google Code-in.

3. What do you expect from OpenMRS?

I just thought that this would be a worthwhile task to contribute to while learning code and getting involved in the real world, so if the community could be friendly, that would be great.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #79

Welcome to openmrs and we look forward for your contribution.

(Tanush Guha) #80

Hi. I am participating In Google Code-in for the first time. I find OpenMRS to be a fascinating organization and I would like to contribute to OpenMRS through this competition & also in the future.

I am currently facing a problem with the task listed as GCI-148. Can someone help me by providing the steps to log-in to the demo system ASAP.

(Yusuf Karim) #81

Hey, welcome to Google Code-in 2018 with OpenMRS! The login for demo is username: admin password: Admin123

(Tanush Guha) #82

thnx a lot