Join a release process "Improv-a-thon"

In today’s dev forum, @maany described several concrete steps we could take to improve our release process. Several of these were documentation improvements and automation of unnecessarily manual steps.

I thought we could, in part, honor all the great effort @maany has provided in getting us to a Platform 2.0 Release by gathering a handful of people to do a half-day “Improv-a-thon” where we hacked on actually implementing some of his suggestions. I imagine it would be a combination of editing/improving wiki pages and doing some scripting to incorporate into Maven or CI to automate some of the more annoying release process steps. I’d like to do this while the release process experience is still fresh on Mayank’s mind. FYI - this may need to happen on a weekend to work around @maany’s schedule (if you haven’t congratulated him yet, he’s starting an internship at CERN soon).

I will definitely be joining. Is there anyone else in the community that would be interested in helping? If we can identify 5+ people, we can use a doodle poll to pick a time that works for everyone.

-Burke :burke:

/cc @maurya @darius @jthomas


I’m definitely in :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your internship @maany. And thanks a lot for your hard work in guiding us through Platform 2.0 release.

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Count me in


Count me in too when I can get an Internet connection


@darius asked me a couple of months ago to help automating JIRA integrations on releases (the ‘Identifying tickets that are part of the release’). It’s something I haven’t got around yet, but I hope to do ~soonish~. If someone is starting that, please let me know.

(To let you know, Bamboo has some feature around JIRA tickets in comit in ‘deployments’. You can see the JIRA tickets differences between two deployments, it can be a pretty visual help in here, but it’s doesn’t include tickets in plugins/modules repositories).

The common Bamboo scripts repository is, in case you didn’t know. And please let us know in advance which new access/bots will be required (JIRA bots? Bamboo users? Nexus bots?) in helpdesk■■■■■■■■■■■■

On the side way, what is ‘Uploading artifacts to Nexus’? What is not automatic yet?

For that item, I believe @maany was – as part of the retrospective – referring to the status at the beginning of the Platform 2.0 process. I recall him mentioning calling that out as one of the things that had gotten better.

@maany, we’ve got at least 4-5 folks interested in helping hack on improving our release process tooling/documentation. While I’d like to try to hack on these things when they’re fresh in your mind, I know you’ve got more than a few things on your plate at the moment. I’m picturing a 2- to 4-hour virtual hackathon. Would you prefer to try and schedule something soon? Or wait until you’ve got your footing at your internship before we try to schedule it?