GCI 2019 : Invitation to the Mentors and and open invite to join in!

Thanks a lot I will go through the mentioned link :).

Best Divyanshu

Hi @suthagar23 @tendomart I’d love to volunteer as a mentor in GCI. Here is my Github profile: - https://github.com/sukhbeer

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@sukhbeer you are welcome ,keep watching this thread , we’ll keep you folks updated.


Excited to participate for openMRS again this year!! :heart_eyes:

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OpenMRS Mentor Selection Criteria for GCI

Hi everyone,

I have added a few points about mentor selection criteria for GCI here : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Google+Code-in+2019#GoogleCode-in2019-GCIMentorSelectionCriteria-OpenMRS

As we got a huge number of requests for Google Code-in mentor-ship, we will start to evaluate your presence and contributions to OpenMRS and open-source!. Based on the count of expected mentors, we will add more people to the Wiki Page as soon as possible. Further, we will contact you if we need any more information.

We have only added up to 16 mentors + Org Admins for OpenMRS GCI, and will be allocating 5-10 more mentors this year. So we hope to see everyone as much as possible :slight_smile:.

Please let me know If you have any questions or concerns.



Warm greetings all,

I am Athira Nair K, Sophomore from Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri. I was a GSoC applicant in OpenMRS organisation and was a contributor to OpenMRS android client application last time. It was a great opportunity to be a part of OpenMRS and would like to return my favour by helping OpenMRS.

These are the links to my GitHub and OpenMRS account.

GitHub- https://github.com/athiranair2000

OpenMRS Activities- https://talk.openmrs.org/u/athira/activity

  • It would be a great platform for me to share my knowledge and help others
  • Willing to spend time for approximately one hour daily and 5 hours a week.
  • Familiar with OpenMRS community rules and mission.

Please do consider this request.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

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Please What are the requirements to be added as mentor in Google code in?


Refer this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Google+Code-in+2019#GoogleCode-in2019-GCIMentorSelectionCriteria-OpenMRS for more information.:star_struck:

Hi Community,

Please see the updated mentor list for Google Code-in 2019 below. We recruited 23 mentors so far, and we are still doing evaluations for new mentors. If you are interested to be a mentor, please let me know ( Mentor Selection Criteria). We only have 2 - 3 rooms ahead for this year program!

GCI 2019 Mentors

  1. Burke Mamlin
  2. Daniel Kayiwa
  3. Ayeshmantha Perera
  4. Juliet Wamalwa
  5. Herbert Yiga
  6. Sharif Magembe
  7. Rohan Sharma
  8. Moses Mutesasira
  9. Fawwaz Yusran
  10. Svitlana Honcharuk
  11. Irene Nyakate
  12. Sanatt Abrol
  13. Lahiru Jayathilake
  14. Jai Tatia
  15. Reagan Patrick
  16. Vansh Arora
  17. Dilantha Silva
  18. Kakumirizi Daud
  19. Athira Nair
  20. Suthagar Kailayapathy
  21. Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam
  22. judeniroshan
  23. tendo kiiza Martyn

Congratulations Mentors :partying_face: , I will invite you to the Google Code-in dashboard by today or tomorrow.



Hi, Piyush Chaudhari here currently in Third year of CSE, an avid open source contributor, this year I was an among top 30 contributors in india in GSSOC’19 program and have a ongoing experience of contributing to opensource organisation such as opengenus foundation. Here I see a chance to be a mentor after getting the selection criteria for GCI Mentor in OpenMRS. My github profile profile My LinkedIn profile profile Looking forward for response. Thank you.

congs to those mentors. wishing them a good journey of the due work. thanks @suthagar23 for the dedicated mobilization

Thanks @suthagar23 for leading this. The link to the telegram chat is either broken or outdated. That’s the feedback I get while trying to follow it. Could you look into it please? Thanks.

@prcsamrat Welcome on board.@suthagar23 will get back to you shortly. Apart from mentoring, are you interested in contributing to any of the openmrs projects?

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Hi @jwnasambu I think it should be @prcsamrat not our @suthagar23 you mentioned.

i thought the selection was over. in case its open i would like to participate too @suthagar23

@suthagar23 @tendomart I’d love to volunteer as a mentor for GCI-19. Github link-https://github.com/Utiwari1999
LinkedIn profile-https://www.linkedin.com/in/utkarsh-tiwari-2591a517a

@utkarsh3099 thanks for expressing interest in this , you may still want to look at the criteria even if you don’t make it to the list this year. There are also many other ways to continue contributing to openmrs.

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Hello @suthagar23 and @tendomart , Jainil Shah here, currently pursuing B.Tech CSE at IIIT Vadodara, I would like to be a volunteer of OpenMRS as a role of mentor in GCI-19. My github profile-https://github.com/coder-cracker. My linkedln profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/jainilkumar-shah-0aa75b169.

@suthagar23 @tendomart
Hi ,I’m Abhinav Gupta currently in Second year of CSE at IIIT Vadodara. I would like to be the part of OpenMRS by contributing to the open source. I’d love to volunteer as a GCI-19 mentor. My Github Profile : https://github.com/Abhinav1299 My LinkedIn Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhinav-gupta-933825180

Hello @suthagar23 @tendomart Myself Adit Alware, currently in Second year of CSE,an open source enthusiast.My git hub profile : https://github.com/aditalware and linked in profile : www.linkedin.com/in/adit-alware-756652176 are looking forward to get a chance to contribute to open source and serve to OpenMRS.I would be a great addition to the team and would love to serve as a volunteer for GCL-19 Mentor.