GCI 2019 : Invitation to the Mentors and and open invite to join in!

Great work @suthagar23 and team :star_struck:

Great leadership, @suthagar23!

Please include me in your list of GCI mentors. I always enjoy helping create tasks and seeing the amazing work is our GCI students. :slight_smile:


@suthagar23 thanks for submitting the application before the deadline. :smile:


I would also love to be included in the mentors’ list. :slight_smile:

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I would like to mentor in GCI.

Good job @suthagar23 and count me in the list of GCI mentors. :slightly_smiling_face:

@mozzy is this what you needed ?

@suthagar23 I would like to mentor in GCI and I am capable of giving in atleast 7-9 hours per week to the students. Let me know the next set of procedures.

Warm Regards Vatz P Email: topgun1326@gmail.com

@suthagar23 @mozzy I would like to be the mentor at GCI19. please tell the process

Hi, I would like to signup as a mentor for GCI

@suthagar23, ensure that all mentors have at least some baseline understanding of the community and were active prior to GCI 2019 starting.

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I’d love to volunteer as a mentor for GCI-19. Really excited for this program!

Very good point @r0bby!


We are still recruiting mentors to GCI as we need at 20 - 25 to handle the students and their submissions with in given time frame. Surely we will do an evaluations before selections for the people who mentioned their names here. I will inform the expected criteria for the mentors soon :slight_smile:.


Hi everyone! I would really like to be a mentor at your organisation for the upcoming Google Code In. To work with a known open-source organisation to help create a change and helping others, is the primary aim.

@suthagar23 do we have some sort of wiki page with details of what it takes to be a mentor? That way, people can, in the meantime, do the needful, to increase their chances of qualifying to be mentors. :slight_smile:

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We already have the “Expectations of Participants & Mentors” section in the Google Code-in wiki page, apart from that, I will add a section for Mentor Selection criteria once we finalized the evaluation points.

We had some criteria from last year GCI, and update those to fit with this year as well.

BTW, One and the only requirement is, We at least need a strong contribution (Community level or code level) to OpenMRS prior to the contest to be a mentor for GCI :smiley:.


@suthagar23 i dont know if there is a prep package for those that are going to mentor so that people dont fall in a position of mentor while lacking some abilities. this is what i think @dkayiwa is asking. It would be disadvantageous for one to be mentored by a person who is also finding his way too difficul i imagine. :smiley:

Hello, @suthagar23, @tendomart

I would like to Mentor GCI 2019, Previously I have mentored GCI for 3 organizations, and 4 Projects in GSOC 2018, Here is my github - https://github.com/divyanshu-rawat

Best Divyanshu

@divyanshu you are welcome and we are excited to have you on board , just keep watching the space , we’ll make final announcements and invites soon. You may also want to explore this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Google+Code-in+2018 just to get on board.