GCI 2019 : Invitation to the Mentors and and open invite to join in!

Hello @suthagar23 @tendomart, Pavan Singh Solanki here, currently pursuing B.Tech CSE at IIIT Vadodara. I would like to be a part of OpenMRS by contributing to the open source. I want to be a volunteer of OpenMRS as a role of mentor in GCI-19. My github profile : https://github.com/solanki29 My LinkedIn profile :https://www.linkedin.com/in/pawan-solanki-a848b616a/

@jainil42 @abhinav42 @alwareadit @psolanki you are welcome please feel free to keep exploring the selection criteria and the other ways to contribute


@suthagar23 @tendomart

I’d like to volunteer as a mentor for GCI-19. Summary:

  • Final year Computer Engineering student at DYPIEMR, Pune
  • Smart India Hackathon 2019 - Software Edition Winning team leader
  • Shortlisted for second round of Singapore India Hackathon 2019
  • Recently selected for Build for Digital India.
  • Started contributing in open source.

Profile: Github www.github.com/vaandhare LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/vaibhavandhare

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@mrvolatile nice to see you here hape you can read through selection criteria and the other ways to contribute

Hello OpenMRS Team,

I would be a great addition to the team and would love to serve as a volunteer for GCL-19 Mentor.

My GitHub profile link.

My LinkedIn profile link

Why am I suitable for this?

  • I am a Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree, certified from Udacity.

  • Worked as a Back-end Developer (Python) at Studio Lotus from Jan to Apr 2019.

  • Worked as a Full stack Developer at MySmartPrice from June to Aug 2018.

  • Did various Backend projects as my college projects.

  • Mentored College students for different Programming Courses.

Some of My Programming Achievements Are:

  • Qualified the First Round of Google Code Jam 2019.
  • Qualified First round of Facebook Hacker Cup 2019.
  • Finalist in Deloitte Hackathon 2019 (Among Top 5 Teams from 100 Teams All Over India)
  • Rank 224 in Semifinal Round of Code Gladiators 2019.
  • Active Member on Online Coding Platforms:
  • Codechef – (1824), HackerRank- (6 Stars),Codeforces – 1410(Max Rating), HackerEarth -(1245).

Looking forward to Train as Many Students As Possible to contribute to Opensource Community.


Devang Sharma

@suthagar23 I’d like to volunteer as a mentor for the GCI-19.

Linkedln =https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-mankuskar-03790018b/

Thank you

Hi! Late to hop on the train because of midterms and waiting around for an update email from Talk but I would like to volunteer as a mentor if it’s still available! I’ve been involved in GCI since 2014 as a participant then mentor from 2015- 2018 and know the organization well, especially when it comes to documentation, research and outreach :slight_smile:


Hello @tendomart, Kindly let me know if it is possible for me to mentor?

Hey @suthagar23 @tendomart , I am 3rd year CSE undergrad @ IIIT Sri City and would like to join your organization as a mentor for GCI’19. Please have a look at my resume here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PV-4WmZmnCKLT5xFADZMqazxvb2zAza16DtgPNitgF4

Looking forward to a positive response !

Hello , I would like to volunteer as a mentor for GCI. Here is my Github profile link: https://github.com/kamal-kaur04 Thank You

@riyajain @divyanshu @mankuskarabhi2 @devang25 @kamalkaur nice to see know about your interest please keep through the links which i posted above.

Hi @suthagar23, if the mentor pool isn’t full yet, I’d like to add to that pool as a mentor for GCI 2019.

I have seen very many posting to this community for the first time. I would like to re-echo what Cat has just said on the GCI-mentors list: And just a reminder: GCI mentors are chosen from existing community members with knowledge of the project. People with no existing participation in the project should not be chosen as mentors.


Hey @suthagar23!

I would love to contribute as a mentor this year too! Please count me in if there are slots available!

Thanks and Regards


Hey @suthagar23! I would love to contribute as a mentor for GCI 2019.

Github link https://github.com/jecihjoy


hello connection and contributers. Myself Vikram kumar and I want to apply for Mentor in GCI-2019 on behalf of OpenMRS. @suthagar23 @judeniroshan
I participate in GSoC-19 and good knowledge of open source projects as well as I have mentoring experiance. I work as a mentor with udacity and solve more than 2000 issues. I would request to admin that please guide me about the next step for being GCI mentor. My email id is- viksrathore2016@gmail.com

I spotted this a bit late as I was busy with exams. If there’s some room for me, I’d like to participate! I worked on the OpenMRS Atlas 3.1 project for GSoC 2019.


I would love to guide the students , it’s not about only knowledge it’s about experience, ability and support .How yo recognise the ability of a student that’s why i love to be a mentor. Please give me a chance this year . By the way i am 3rd year cse student of HBTU .


It’s great to see you :grinning: .