GCI 2014: Plans, proposals, and open invite to join in!

Hi everyone,

OpenMRS is interested in participating in the Google Code-in program this year.

As part of the formalities, we’re working on identifying potential tasks for high school / secondary school students (ages 13-17) to work on. Please note that these tasks must be relatively simple, and don’t have to be technical at all. Potential tasks that we came up for GCI students to work on are :

  • Wiki cleaning

Level 1 tasks:

  • update screenshots to Ref app for registration
  • update screenshots to Ref app for vitals
  • check if module release documentation is up to date

Level 2 tasks:

  • Documentation regarding installation of a module/configuration

Level 3 tasks:

  • Gardening team
  • Module triaging : Identify what models are most necessary based on pulls and bug reports document these needs
  • QA work on OpenMRS core

Level 2 tasks:

  • Jira Curation

Level 3 tasks - Identify which tickets have been abandoned after being claimed, and move them back to the appropriate life cycle phase

Note (Levels of difficulty: 1 being the easiest, 5 being the hardest)


  • Any comments on the tasks suggested above ?
  • Any other attritional tasks that folks can think of ?
  • Who else would like to join in, and serve as a mentor for GCI 1 ? we’re thinking maybe @sarmson and ex-GSOC’ers such as @k_joseph, @maurya, @harsha89 and so many more !

Details for mentors: https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/resources/mentor-and-orgadmin-info


I think from thee coding section we can give them to some set of classes for finding out whether they following the openmrs code formatting styles and created jiras or pull requests with proper code formattings.

I think it’s better if we have a screencasts of a widely used modules if it’s not complex for them. Having a video will explain things more clear. Having atleast one short video for a module.

With parallel documenting module installation process, I saw that people struggle to identify which module version is compatible with underline openmrs version.

Identify any UX improvements in reference application.

I will post more suggestions when I got more. :slight_smile:

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So @harsha89, can we expect that you’ve agreed to be a mentor for the GCI?

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@sunbiz Yep, I’m happy to join as a GCI mentor.


I thought that we had already “forcibly” recruited @harsha89 and @maurya :wink:

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It’s great to hear that OpenMRS is participating GCI this year, I have been a GCI mentor at Fedora project in 2012. It was such a wonderful experience working with little kids who are really clever at coding and computing stuff, Looking forward to help :smiley:

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@harshadura , @harsha89, @sriharsha, @maurya, @r0bby, @surangak, @elliott - I would like to hear what type of tasks would you like to be first point of contact? This will be helpful so that we don’t wait for each other to answer a student query. Anyone mentoring could answer, if they can answer… but in this way we know that someone at least answers and also we distribute the process of creating tasks. The way I’m thinking this will work - if I take the lead on wiki page curation tasks, I will create a list of all the wiki pages that have 1.x-only screenshots and subsequently will create JIRA issues for these wiki pages. If a student has any question about wiki tasks, I will make it a priority to answer the questions. Similarly, one of us could do:

  1. for BDD testing
  2. for exception (ERR) to JIRA module
  3. for ticket triaging (changing JIRA ticket status or release version)
  4. for module version compatibility
  5. for developer book (flossmanual one)
  6. for implementer documentation (flossmanual one again)

This list is obviously not exhaustive. Please select from this list or suggest other types of tasks that you think are appropriate for GCI. Would be helpful if you could do this in the next couple of days.

@sunbiz Hi Saptarshi, We also can include tasks such as, (I have seen these kinds of Tasks in various GCI org’s past)

  1. Marketing - Drawing a picture, slide, blog post on OpenMRS and publish it to web
  2. Do a presentation/self video on OpenMRS/ or in student’s classroom - video recording will prove this.
  3. small Android/iOS/Windows Phone application for OpenMRS - difficult tasks with more coding value.
  4. Solve less difficult JIRA tickets - coding - java/html/js
  5. QA - let the students find bugs in the system and report in JIRA - we can have amount like, lets say 3 bugs for a Task.

Thank you, Harsha

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@harshadura Thanks, interesting tasks!! I think the small mobile app will be very complicated even for Level 5 task. What do others feel? I like the presentation, video tasks and QA 3-bug limit is good, but only if acceptable bugs, right? This reminds me - whether we should have these tasks in the open before the GCI contest begins? What if a prospective participant is watching and gets a head-start over other students? GCI is a contest and we want an even contest, don’t we? What have other orgs done in the past?

@sunbiz Saptarshi, I have mentored similar Android app in 2012 for Fedora project: http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2012/8123205 Some kids participating in this contest have really amazing skills in programming than we might think of.

Here are some of the GCI 2012 Tasks found in Fedora project wiki: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/GCI_2012/Task_Page

I think we should have easy tasks:

  1. Set up and get OpenMRS running
  2. Some fix 3 easy bugs (for an “easy” task)
  3. some fix 2 hard bugs
  4. tackle some of the modulus bugs that are sitting that i’ll get to eventually…
  5. Document OpenMRS ID
  6. Document Modulus
  7. There have to be some areas where Documentation could be better…
  8. Make a screencast
  9. Present about OpenMRS to a group (this can be an easy task) but also get the word out!

NB: I will not be around for the beginning few weeks of the program

I should put this out there for those considering doing this: I’ve done it and there have been times where I questioned my sanity but in the end it was a lot of fun. I’ll be around…and somewhat monitoring this…it is not easy but for those rare cases where you see these really brilliant kids come out of the woodworks and those few that struggle but in the end stick around…that’s what makes it worth it. Do it, it’s fun. I suggest all former GSOC students participate. It’s a great way to remain engaged with the community!


Even an simple Android app is probably too complicated. @sunbiz you might confirm with Joel Sherrill. Perhaps some small tasks related to it, though. We have to break things down into very small pieces.

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In case people didn’t drill down from the initial list in the top post in this topic from @surangak, also check out these highlighted sample tasks from previous years:


Also, here are the current (growing) list of tentative tasks for the Mediawiki project for this year:


Simple things that developers have not gotten around to such as fixing small trivial bugs, documentation, doing some QA testing like report 3 bugs( hese can be a pain in the butt – I’ve seen students kinda sorta cheat on these)

OpenMRS isn’t nearly as complex as RTEMS…so our task list should be relatively simple in comparison…we can have a basic task of getting OpenMRS running for example with screenshots being necessary as proof.

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Here’s an idea: removing “spam” comments like the ones on:


These happen because Confluence’s default (which can’t be changed) is to allow anonymous comments on personal spaces. We also don’t have any feeds of comments in personal spaces, so there’s no easy way to track them when they appear. And there’s also no way to bulk-delete these comments. :frowning:

KDE has what seems to be a great idea, a Google Form for entering tasks that creates a Google Spreadsheet. CSV files from here can then be used to mass-import tasks. Should we use something like this?

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1L4w18l1EsOfGfbvjqqhXvg6dHXWhKR55AIGGP4-r9m8/viewform?c=0&w=1 (Please don’t enter things on KDE’s form!)

@sunbiz Where do we stand with having the application ready? Deadline is Monday.

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Do we have any User Interface tasks defined yet?

I think a student with some HTML/CSS knowledge could help with implementing the ID Dashboard wireframes, and I’d be happy to create tickets for small layout changes that correspond to elements of the wireframes.


I moved a post to a new topic: Spam comments in wiki personal spaces

@elliott would love to get the UX tasks available for GCI. Could you please create the tasks in modulus JIRA and we can add links to those in the GCI JIRA project Also request @michael, @harsha89, @harshadura, @sriharsha, @r0bby, @maurya to please add JIRA issues using the similar labels that we’ve used. i.e. Level-01 to Level-05

For each ticket : GCI Task type (label): Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality_Assurance, User_Interface Difficulty level (label): Level-01 to Level-05 Repeatability (label): One-Per-Student, Multiple-Per-Student