Spam comments in wiki personal spaces

There are some workarounds. I added a comment to this page. Please vote for CONF-27555. :thumbsup:

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Thanks, I’ve added a vote. Sadly the workaround seems to only be applicable for existing spaces, and not new ones. :frowning:

Gents, @sunbiz and I considered doing this manually as a GCI task, but its not going to work because ordinary wiki users (such as the GCI students) won’t have permissions to delete comments from other users personal spaces :frowning:

I am pretty sure we can grant delete comments permission to specific users.

Awesome. That would work. Other than the page that you pointed to, do we have any other specific pages that you’ve already found that needs this treatment ?

It’s rather hard to find these, but one could search for some of the spam terms (which I won’t mention here) to try to find them.