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On load of he form/ on change of the concept, any concept which has form condition associated with it, gets triggered. For form2 we need to write on load operations inside the form event and on change event inside control event. In case we have data inside a control, its control event is also tiggered on load. Form Conditions Execution events
Can reuse same function across forms. (Same applies to concept form conditions) Can reuse only within that form and not across forms. Reusing functions across form in forms2
The form conditions reflect immediately after it is edited The form condition is hooked to a version and the form needs to be republished every time. Change in Form Conditions
A single line code to hide multiple concepts Individual line of code needs to be written to hide each concept. [Form2] Hiding or showing multiple concepts
Multi select values are easier to retrieve and process Needs 2-3 lines of code to retrieve and store the value Get value of MultiSelect Concept
Its easier for the IE to enter form conditions, as it is done at a single place It is very cmbersome, as we need to click on form event / control event individually and it does not give a single view for all the code together. Single editor for form event and control event
Form conditions written in a separate JS file Form conditions written using Editor text box inside implementer interface, the editor is not IE friendly and does not provide ways to validate, format or see line numbers for code. Also the editor is not user friendly with long code and flickers when we try to select existing code. It renders with the form condition of previous form at times. Form Event and Control Event Editor
If I get the control record using the get api and later if I call setHidden on it, it is not hiding the control when we do that on control event and it is hiding the control when we do that on form event

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All the above topics are discussed in PAT call on 29th January 2020. Will create separate threads for each of them once solution is finalised.