Form Event and Control Event Editor

Form conditions written using Editor text box inside implementer interface, the editor is not IE friendly and does not provide ways to validate, format or see line numbers for code. Also the editor is not user friendly with long code and flickers when we try to select existing code. It renders with the form condition of previous form at times.

Proposed Solution:
Trying to integrate some library which can validate and format the java script code. Also will fix the flickering and add the ability to expand the editor.

Will post the library that will be used for formatting and validating the form conditions.

@angshuonline @snehabagri @mksrom @vmalini @binduak

Worked on POC with Code Mirror in React. It supports the below features:

  • Code Warnings and errors
  • Code formatting
  • AutoComplete and Type ahead suggestions
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding
  • AutoClose Brackets
  • Highlighting Brackets

Uncovered : Object properties auto completion

If there are any concerns with this library, please post here.

PS: Since we have to work on this, if no concerns are raised within a week time, we’ll go ahead with this library.

Discussed the same in PAT call and bahmni standup.