Single editor for form event and control event

Form Conditions are spread across form event and control event. It is very cumbersome, as we need to click on form event / control event individually and it does not give a single view for all the code together.

Proposed Solution:
Have a one single editor where we can view and write form events and control events.

Discussed this as part of PAT call on 29th Jan 2020. Once the mockups are ready we will post them here.

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Find the mock for the editor below:

Description for mock:

  • We will have a form conditions button similar to form event.
  • Click on this button will open a new screen (popup) as seen in 2nd image.
  • The new screen will be broken in 3 parts, form event, control event and save event.
  • Under control events we will have all the controls with their id and name, by default only controls which already have form condition will be loaded.
  • For controls which do not already have form condition we will have a multi-select dropdown, we can select all the controls for which we want to enter form condition, after selection we need to click on show.
  • To remove an existing control we have ‘x’ button against each, clicking on it will remove the control and delete any form condition in it.

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Another Option: