Bahmni PAT call 2-May-2018

We have a PAT call in ~14 hours, and we have some potentially good topics, but I haven’t yet gotten confirmation from people that they’re ready to discuss them. (And it’s a holiday everywhere except the US today…)

Possible agenda items:

  1. Discuss merging the Enhanced Bed Management module Feedback for enhanced Bed Management module (@psaxena, @pramidat)
  2. Update on investigating CentOS 7 upgrade (@binduak @angshuonline)
  3. Plans for upgrading from OpenERP 7 to Odoo 10(?) (@pkanchankar, Satvix)

(I hope that someone in a timezone East of me can look into availability/preparedness and confirm which topics we can discuss.)

Call-in details

Notes here:


  • the team that is working on Enhanced Bed Management is going to set this up on a UAT server ASAP so that existing implementations can test whether they’ll be able to shift from the older IPD application to this new one with no or minimal training
  • we’ll have an extra PAT call next week (in the same Wednesday time slot) to discuss any feedback and make a product decision