E2E Tests for RefApp 3.x: Sprint 1

Hi all,

We have planned a 2-week sprint to write the remaining E2E tests for RefApp 3.x’. These are the primary goals of this sprint:

  1. To improve the existing workflows
  2. To implement missing workflows
  3. To introduce new members to the QA team and make them familiar with our QA framework

Deadline: 2021-10-18T18:30:00Z

Tasks: (Google Sheet)

Members of the sprint:

@sharif @heshan @piumal1999 @anjisvj @pasindur2 @kumuditha

cc: @christine @grace @jennifer @bistenes @kdaud


@grace @christine Still I can’t create the sprint in JIRA. Could you please look into it?

Also, it would be easy to filter if threre’s a dedicated version for 3.x tests.

This is the board: https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=248&projectKey=RATEST&view=planning&selectedIssue=RATEST-247&issueLimit=100

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Fixed the failing test of RefApp 3.X clinical visit workflow.

Failing reason - There are some changes in the current user interface in the allergy section and it’s not fit with the test scenario.

Approach - Renamed the id selectors to fit with the current user interface.

Ticket - https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RATEST-245

Pr link-


Thanks for getting it done, @pasindur2 ! :hugs:

Thanks @jayasanka for this initiative, its really nice to have seen you in QA Team during GSoC’21 laying a great foundation for 3.x RefApp automated tests and now seeing you mentoring others into the squad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Have you identified all of them already?

This is really nice to see you introducing new members to the QA Team. For those getting started with the BDD Framework the demo below could be a good start

Thanks so much @jayasanka, @heshan @piumal1999 @anjisvj @pasindur2 & @kumuditha for your work on this sprint!

To help the 3.x Squad see this work as a part of our shared teamwork on 3.x, we moved these RATEST tickets mentioned in your sprint plan above from the RATEST jira project into the MF jira project.

Now all 3.x E2E tickets can be found in this 3.x Epic - I’ll leave @jayasanka as the Epic owner/lead :slight_smile: [MF-531] E2E Automated Tests for 3.0 RefApp - OpenMRS Issues

This also means that we moved the sprints for this into the monthly MF Squad sprints (e.g. we are in the “October” sprint right now); you can see the sprint board here: Log in - OpenMRS Issues The board is organized by Epics so you can see just the E2E tests epic if you scroll down; e.g. it looks like this right now:

FWIW you can totally decide to work in 2 week sprints if you want to (since we are a bit of an ad-hoc project, it’s totally fine with me if you add additional tickets in the middle of the month).


Thanks for moving tickets @grace !

@kdaud, These are the workflows we have so far: 3.0 E2E Testing Plan: Workflow Cases - Google Docs

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We were able to complete the sprint as we planned!!

Here’s a quick update from each member:


  • MF-871: Implemented Vitals and Triage workflow
  • MF-874: Implemented Checking Test Results flow in Clinical visit
  • MF-727: Debugging on cannot add a note with cypress issue

Reported issues

  • MF-878 - Add label attribute for the inputs in add vitals form

Talk Threads:


  • MF-870: Search & Registration: Start Visit
  • Reported a bug on the registration page and created a ticket (MF-867)

Reported issues

Talk Threads:

E2E: 3.x: Search & Registration: Start Visit


  • Wrote the E2E Test for RefApp 3.x: Clinical Visit: Form Entry
    • MF-875: E2E: 3.x: Clinical visit: Form Entry - Test the form entry widget
    • MF-881: E2E: 3.x: Clinical visit: Form Entry - Save Form

Talk Threads:

E2E: 3.x: Clinical visit: Form Entry


  • MF-873: Update clinical visit workflow’s Allergy section E2E test to fit with new UI
  • RATEST-252: Update clinical visit workflow E2E test to fit with new UI

Talk Threads:

E2E Tests for RefApp 3.x: Sprint 1


  • Conducted an onboarding session
  • MF-876: Initialized a discussion on the caching issue
  • Reviewed and merged PRs

Talk Threads:

Here’s a summary:

The slide deck from today’s review can be found here:

The main intention of the sprint was to introduce new members to the team. I’m hoping we were successful. @kdaud @sharif @christine let’s get them involved in other tests as well. I’m sure they’d like to go exploring more.

Thanks, @pasindur2 @anjisvj @piumal1999 @kumuditha @sharif @heshan for all your dedication and hard work. It was a pleasure working with you. Also, thanks to all who helped during the sprint!


@grace @bistenes @kdaud @christine @jennifer @jdick


Thanks @jayasanka for the onboarding thanks members for the amazing work , Looking forward to work with you more

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This is awesome @jayasanka :fireworks:. I can recall you beginning from scratch with setting up the configurations for 3.x RefApp Automated tests during GSoC-21 and kicked off with 3.x RefApp Login Test. You did an amazing work with writing the automated workflow tests using Cucumber and Cypress and established the ground for writing more automated tests.

Its great seeing you organizing and leading a Sprint for 3.x RefApp automated tests, supporting new members get on board with BDD framework and reviewing PRs is another great work your doing.

Great to see @pasindur2 @piumal1999 @kumuditha @anjisvj @heshan doing amazing work with 3.x RefApp automated tests.

Will always be available to support. @jayasanka when is the next Sprint kicking off? And how can one join the Sprint?